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Beyond Resilience

Surviving   Re-Inventing   Transforming   Adapting  

The hard-knocks of life began for me at a very young age - sliding into a tree (face-first) on glistening icy hills in my native Newfoundland.  We were kids on toboggans on a starry winters night.  It was my second experience of extreme trauma from an accident, and I was only 9.  My parents were away, and did not know what had happened until they returned.  I remember standing at the frosty window, weeping for my Mom and Dad.  It was my first experience of feeling abandoned.  I was scared and had to deal with it alone.

Perhaps such early childhood trauma prepared me for the hard-knocks of life that were to follow.  My world turned upside down and blasted me into a new reality with the sudden and tragic death of my boyfriend during a vacation in the Caribbean.  I was 27 and alone.  For the rest of my 20's and well into my 30's - the soul-searing pain of his death was like a vise-grip.  To survive (and perhaps to discover my truer self) I moved far from family, career, and country searching for understanding, meaning, guidance, clarity, and eventual recovery to living life.   


You may be acquainted with the silent scream that never makes it's sound heard, the wide-gaping hole of grief and loss, extreme loneliness and isolation, uncertainty and fear, a shattered reality. 



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