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Blue Water

Your Moment of Truth
Your Point of Power

Is in Knowing You Have a Choice
Staying Where You Are or
Living the Life of Your Dreams 

Donna Mitchell
Decided to Believe in, and Take Action, for
 Her Dream

Photo Donna.jpg

Authentic, Engaging, and Edgy

Ted-X Speaker, Author, Radio Host

Health & Wellness Coach, 

Lifestyle Consultant Specializing in Weight Management,

Certified Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles

Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

Certified Instructor in the Burdenko Method of Water Therapy

Adventurer, Entrepreneur

Donna Mitchell,

 is an Extraordinary Coach.   

Donna has over four decades of motivational leadership in the wellness industry

 and has been 'Coaching' long before 'Coaching' became trendy.



Her first book:

 New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery, 

Transformational Life-Management,

 is available on Amazon.

Read more here  

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About Donna

Make Your Inner Dream an Outer Reality

Donna Mitchell founded Lifestyles, Ltd., a Health & Wellness Consultancy Company in the Cayman Islands in 1997, after a long, prestigious career with global giant Weight Watchers. 

She is a captivating speaker and trainer, with over 4 decades of inspiring others in healthy living and weight management.


Donna empowers others to impact their own lives for positive change.


Perhaps you have met Donna somewhere along your path?

Donna's Story. After successfully losing 87 lbs., Donna enjoyed a 21-year exciting and productive career with global giant Weight Watchers culminating in the top job as Area Manager in the Maritime Provinces of Canada (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island). 

Remembering the trauma and drawbacks of being an overweight teenager, and passionate about helping children, Donna extended her range of influence, and took summer sabbaticals (for 6 years) to work with Weight Watchers Camps for Children and Teens in the U.S. and Canada.

In a series of synchronistic events, Donna became a key player in the launch of Weight Watchers in the Cayman Islands in 1994. As Area Manager, Donna solely, and successfully, ran the operation expanding to train local people as Lecturers.  She eventually extended Weight Watchers to the sister island of Cayman Brac.   


Desiring to be Master of Her Own Destiny, Donna founded her own lifestyle consultancy company, Lifestyles, Ltd., in 1997.  

And, then Life Had Other Plans....


Listen in to Donna's TedX talk

(13 minutes) as she shares life experiences that shaped her destiny and story.

The Mack Trucks of Life Have Shaped Donna's Destiny
Influenced Her Life's Purpose and Passion


Continual Learning...

Certified Canfield Trainer

Donna again expanded her territory and realm of influence with certification as

   A Canfield Trainer in the Success Principles with Jack Canfield,

Award Winning Speaker and Internationally Recognized Leader in Self-Development.

Certification Seal 1.jpg

I Never Dreamed That Wearing a Swimsuit Would
One Day Be a Job Requirement

Woman standing on cliff's edge

Testing the Edge

Fate     Destiny     Tragedy


Three Epic Loves... 

Three Tragic Losses


...Resulting in

Donna developing a deep understanding of the meaning of life, keen instincts for survival, resilience, vision, and courage to start over again...and again...

This flows into her compassionate mentorship and coaching of others.

"There's Nothing Like Death to Move One Out of Their Comfort Zone".


Losing her partner at the young age of 27 catapulted Donna into a fearsome and strange reality causing her to leave all familiar (family, career, country) for a journey of the soul. 

 Two more losses shaped her destiny with a unique understanding of 





Get a New Perspective on Your Life with Donna!

A writer at heart, a thrilling, heroic story sizzles on the back burner...

Her second book...


It awaits time and opportunity.

Invite Donna to Speak at Your Church, School, PTA, Fundraiser, Corporate Lunch/Learn

Participants and Clients in courses, coaching, workshops (fun-shops!), retreats, and on-line services benefit from Donna’s personal life experience, professional training, extensive reservoir of knowledge, comprehensive material library, inspirational methodology, and compassionate understanding.  


In coaching and training, Donna inspires and brings wisdom, warmth, humor, and results.

 An Island Gal at heart, the water is my favourite place to be.

You will find me in the blue & turquoise sea of Grand Cayman, along the world-famous Seven Mile Beach, leading water fitness classes to locals & tourists or happily snorkeling the reefs.

See Details Here

I also became a Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor
At the End of My First Yoga Class,
I Simply Lay on the Mat and Wept. 
I Realized that I had Not Been Taki
ng Care of Myself...Even as a Health Coach! 
Life had thrown some pretty big 'curve balls' my way


Read More Here About Donna's Unique Style of Yoga

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