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Slaying the Fear Giant.

Tragedy forced Donna Mitchell on a soul-searching adventure to overcome her fears and be the heroine of her own story.

Cayman Compass

Fitness class taps into the wonders of sea water

It’s an exercise class that incorporates one of Cayman’s most famous assets – the beautiful blue waters off of Seven Mile Beach.  

Every Saturday morning, weight-loss and lifestyle consultant Donna Mitchell holds water conditioning classes at Governor’s Beach for those seeking a low-impact total body workout. 


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Published March 2013


Yoga CD helps school.

A new audio compact disc narrated by local yoga instructor Donna Mitchell is helping to raise money for Ms Nadine’s Pre-School.  

Called “Travel and Transformational Yoga”, the CD provides listeners with concise yoga instruction in the comfort of their own homes. The CD is appropriate for new and intermediate yoga followers and takes listeners through a full hatha yoga practice, including breathing techniques and poses such as downward dog, triangle, warrior II, bridge and tree.  

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Published November 30th  2012


Yoga for weight loss.

Can we achieve a slimmer body, mind and spirit with the practice of yoga?  

Are we able to go against conventional belief of getting bigger around the middle ‘at a certain age’ with yoga?  

Would yoga help control mindless eating and the cycle of weight gain and weight loss?  

Questions like these ponder consideration, and the research answers yes to all. 

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Cayman Compass

Weight loss program gets boost from firm.

One teenager is a step closer to a goal of losing weight as part of Donna Mitchell’s New Shoes Healthy Living and Weight loss Programme for Teens thanks to sponsorship from Conyers, Dill and Pearman.

Tracy Cuff of the law firm presented Ms Mitchell of Lifestyles with a cheque to sponsor the teen recently.

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Published Oct 20th 2011

Published March 22nd 2012

Corporate Clients

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