On-Line and In-Person Coaching 
Motivational Message Channel "Good Vibes"

Private and Group Packages          

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Payment Plan Available

Hourly Coaching 

( Non Package)

1 hour—KYD100.00 /USD120

45 minutes—KYD75.00 /USD90

30 minutes—KYD45.00 /USD55

Plus Emailed Materials, PowerPoints

Donna Mitchell

Group Courses 

and Packages

Fresh Start Weight Management 12-Week Course


(Once weekly Webinar/Presentation with follow-up Powerpoints, materials, booster emails)

Life Coaching with

The Success Principles

6-Week Course—KYD300.00 / USD357

(Weekly Webcast/Presentation with follow-up Powerpoints, emailed materials)

Donna Mitchell

Private Coaching 


Introductory:  2-Session Package

KYD160.00 /USD190

(Two 60-minute coaching call sessions plus emailed materials.  This is a one-time only package; ongoing clients should select from one of the options below).

One-Month Package

KYD300.00 /USD357

(Four 60-minute coaching call sessions plus email materials)

Three-Month Package

KYD900.00 /USD1,072

(Twelve 60-minute coaching call session plus email materials, booster emails)

Six-Month Package

KYD1,800.00 /USD2,143.00

(Twenty-four 60-minute coaching call sessions plus emailed materials, booster emails)

 The Fresh Start Weight Management Course

is a 3-month package

Donna Mitchell



15-30 Minute Motivational Messages and Training Vignettes with Donna. Topics:

-Slaying the Fear Giant

-Overcoming Procrastination

-The #1 Success Principle

-Building Healthy Immunity

-Re-calibrate Your Vision

-Self-Mastery in an Uncertain World

-Intentional Living

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Donna Mitchell

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