Donna Mitchell

Authentic, engaging, compassionate, and edgy TedX and Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle Coach, and Certified Canfield Trainer, Donna Mitchell offers a menu of programs and services for living an inspired, healthy and successful life.

Donna Mitchell 

Donna Mitchell inspires and mentors people of all ages and walks of life in self-development, healthy living, and personal/professional transformational change.  Weight loss is her specialty.


Her expertise as a Weight Management Coach/Consultant spans over 35 years.  Donna reduced down 87lbs and maintains at a healthy weight with ease.  


Excelling in her natural gift of speaking, and desire to help others, Donna had a long career with global giant Weight Watchers. She launched her own Lifestyle Consultancy company in the Cayman Islands in 1997.


Perhaps you have met Donna somewhere along your path?

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New Shoes, A Journey of Self Discovery. 

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New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery

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Donna’s resilience and courage are beyond average; she learned hard life-lessons early in life with the sudden and tragic death of her partner while they vacationed in the Caribbean.   Donna was 27.


This tremendous loss catapulted Donna onto a journey of her own 'self-discovery' leaving everything familiar (family, career and country) to find deeper meaning and purpose.


Moving as far from the Atlantic East Coast - to the Pacific West,

Donna left all familiar for employment in Malibu, California at a health retreat specializing in weight loss.  It was here that she tested the edge and developed resilience, vision and courage that remains with her today. 

She returned home to Canada in the early 90's to  ‘give back’ in a new career as Camp Co-Ordinator for the B.C. Lions Society for Children and Adults with Disabilities.

"After John's death, I had a longing to help other people; he was an amazing person and a light in the world."

The Caribbean beckoned, and Donna was instrumental in the launching of Weight Watchers in the Cayman Islands in 1994. She successfully and solely ran the operation, including expansion to Cayman Brac, before launching her own company,                         Lifestyles Ltd., in 1997. 

As Lifestyle Consultant/Coach and Certified Canfield Trainer, (Jack Canfield, New York Times best-selling author of The Success Principles and contributing author of Chicken Soup of the Soul), Donna impacts and empowers listeners for their own personal and professional transformation and success.  She is a Mental Health First Aider and inspires from a rich place of understanding, wisdom, and compassion.   

An island girl at heart, she is happiest in the element of water and, when not snorkeling, leads aqua fitness classes in the turquoise seas of the Cayman Islands. She is a Certified Instructor in The Burdenko Method of Water Therapy. 


A certified Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, Donna offers her students a special blend of Zen meditation and yoga asanas that promote health and healing. 


Her Yoga CD 'Travel and Transformational Yoga' is available in The Shop  with proceeds benefiting children at risk, including organization Rapha House.

Donna Mitchell inspires and encourages participants and clients to empower their own lives for positive change.

'You have to want to walk into a 'new identity', another way of living life, of getting healthier, living younger, and seeing the potential of your dreams being fulfilled because you did something about changing Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

It takes effort; you are worth it!  

She is the author of "New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery" - Transformational Weight Management (coming in 2021).   On the backburner is a thrilling epic story; it awaits for time and opportunity to permit its completion.  

Me "Before", with my parents.  High School Grad night; dress size 24!!!!

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