Fitness with Donna 

Water Fitness/Yoga  & Mindfulness​

Water Works Wonders -  Aqua Therapy and Fitness


Water is the optimum environment for physical training and exercise. Improve posture, build core strength, increase flexibility, while enjoying the comradery and fun of water classes!   Donna is a Certified Water  Conditioning Therapist employing the Burdenko Method of Water Therapy which focuses on six core elements to developing a stronger body.


Yoga Lite

Get Lite on the Mat!  (I got the name from my friend Gail who said:  Bud Lite, Why not Yoga Lite!) 

Traditional Hatha Yoga for all levels of ability and yoga experience. Donna is a Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor offering gentle and restorative yoga sessions with classes that vary by location and time throughout the year. Private, couples, corporate, and group yoga. 


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