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Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Group Options for October: Pre-Christmas Specials

New Shoes, Healthy Living and Weight Management 
This Course has 4 Modules (12 Weeks Per Module)
All Participants must Begin with Module 1, Fresh Start - the Basics, and proceed as per course outline. Each module builds upon the one before it, offering a well-rounded and effective method of achieving a healthy lifestyle and you. 

Join a Group Scheduled by Donna (Virtual or In Person)
Create Your Own Group in The Power of 3
Launch an At-Work Wellness Initiative
Contact Donna to Start a Group at Church

 Benefit from Group Dynamics, and the Encouragement of Others on Their Own Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle.

New Shoes, a Course in Lifestyle Design & Weight Management


4 Modules - 12 Weeks Per Module

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12-Week Group Coaching Package - $599.99

Not sure, schedule a call with Donna to discuss your needs/situation:

Group Options

Inspirational            Intentional    
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Details on What You Can Expect

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