Down a Decade
- 10 lbs.

Checking Weight

Down a Decade 

That's what my client Cheryl called it- after reducing down 10 lbs.  She is now 6 decades down   (as of May 23rd) and on target. During her vacation in Grand Cayman, Cheryl signed on for private, in-person coaching and, taking advantage of the warm weather and opportunities to exercise in a pool, lost weight quickly. She extended her island stay in order to continue weekly coaching sessions with me (over lunch),  delay the return to colder weather, and create a game-plan for returning home. 

For her continued and assured success, she is coaching with me from her home now - virtually, with on-line weekly sessions. This is the work I love to do.

Working one-on-one to help you make your inner dreams an outer reality. Donna


 the Benefits of Being a Decade or Two down...

Very noticeable benefits  are looking and feeling younger! improved cardiovascular health - your heart has less work to do.  Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of life-threatening medical conditions like diabetes, and increases your body natural immunity against viruses!  Sleep apnea may be alleviated with weight loss.  Self-confidence is enhanced when you feel better about yourself making life enjoyable.  Aging will definitely be affected by how much extra weight you carry.  Why not decide today to become your healthiest you?  


12 Week Wellness & Weight Management Coaching Course

(Includes a copy of Donna's book, New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery, Healthy Life Management)

Private Coaching (see info below)

Coaching Packages for Couples/Families

Corporate Wellness Programs

Small Group:  The Power of 3

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Personalized & Private

Lifestyle COACHING

      In achieving a healthier lifestyle and weight, there is no 'one fit' for everybody.

Your lifestyle, challenges, preferences, and goals are unique to you.

If you need flexibility - there is flexibility.  

If you need structure, Donna builds in structure.

The best results I see are when I get to work One-on-One with People -

Private Coaching.

How Coaching Works

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12-Week Personalized Life Management Plan Includes:

Twelve 1+ hour Confidential, Inspirational, Educational Coaching Sessions

Virtual or In Person (In Person - Cayman Islands Only)

A copy of New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery - Donna's Book

Follow-Up Session Notes & PDF Support Materials

Booster Emails and Messages

Food Journal Review

Meal Planning Workshops

PowerPoint Presentations and Strategic Training Videos

Stress-Management Plan

Mindfulness Training (Mindful Eating, Mindful Being)

Emotional Well-Being Techniques (E.F.T.)

Training in Affirmations & Visualization

Inclusion in Private Facebook Group

V.I.P. Status for Specials


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Virtual (On-Line Coaching) -  $2,100.00 

In-Person Coaching (Cayman Islands only) - Valued at $4,800.00

In-Person (Cayman Islands) Coaching Summer Special:  $3,300.00

6 Week Plan

 Virtual (On-Line Coaching) - $1,100.00

In-Person (Cayman Islands) - $1,650.00


Not sure about one-on-one coaching?

Join with 2 others in The Power of 3 Coaching Package.

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