Lifestyle, Life & Health Coaching


Do you know that you are a co-creator in life?
...the thoughts you think
...the images you hold in your mind
...and the choices you make
all play a role in your life story - in the quality of your life.


​Create a Healthier Lifestyle-  Live Well

  • Achieve Your Healthiest Weight - For a Lifetime

  • Develop Resilience & Coping Skills for Life

  • Unlock Your Unlimited Potential

  • Slay Fear: Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Procrastination               

  • Restart... Reinvent... Reset Your Life

  • Rebuild Relationships of Harmony & Trust 

  • Create Excellence in Personal & Professional Life

  • Take Action on Goals and Dreams

and more...


Professional, Strategic, and Confidential Coaching Designed for Your Specific Challenges and Needs.

Stones of Meaning

Consulting-Coaching with Donna 

  • Determine the length of coaching sessions - at a time convenient for you. (3o-45-60 minutes)

  • You decide how many sessions. (2 session package, 4 session package, 12-Week package, longer)

  • Expect strategic and personalized coaching sessions for your specific challenges and goals.

  • Receive follow-up support materials.

  • Benefit from motivational training videos combined with booster emails & messages

Teens, students and young adults receive a special % savings on coaching with Donna.

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