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Unlock your unlimited potential

Learn how to cope with The Big Curve Balls of Life.  The Mack Trucks!

Experience greater levels of happiness and relaxation. 

Develop excellence in life, business, relationships, job or career. 

Discover your life purpose and passion

Maintain health, wellness and well-being

Become cognitive healthy..."how you think"

Restore emotional balance from loss, fear, anxiety, depression, overload

Weight loss:  (Donna's specialty) turn your inner dreams to an outer reality

and more...


Private and Confidential Coaching Unique to Your Specific Challenges and Needs

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Transformational change is an inner journey that begins with a desire to change,  to no longer stay where you are. 

Donna Mitchell has been a Lifestyle Consultant, Professional Trainer and Speaker for over 35 years.   Donna is a Certified Canfield Trainer, (Jack Canfield,  NY Times Best-Selling Author, and "Chicken Soup for Soul" Co-Author). 


Combining the proven methodology of The Success Principles, Yoga & Mindfulness Training, and her years of professional expertise, Donna offers

 masterful, inspirational, and laser- transformational coaching and training. 



The world is your oyster.


                   Is it time to crack open the shell???

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