With Donna:

  • Unlock your unlimited potential

  • Develop resilience to navigate the curve balls of life. (The Mack Trucks!)

  • Experience greater levels of happiness, contentment, and relaxation 

  • Develop excellence in life, business, relationships, job, or career 

  • Discover your life purpose and passion

  • Reinvent your life following loss (divorce, death of a loved one, job loss) 

  • Take Action on Goals and Dreams

  • Thrive with health, wellness, and well-being

  • Develop Self-Mastery in overcoming habits and negative mindsets

  • End harmful People-Pleasing Tendencies

  • Achieve Mental wellness, clarity, and health

  • Overcome fear, anxiety, and depression

and more...


Professional, Strategic, and Confidential Coaching Designed for Your Specific Challenges and Needs.

Stones of Meaning

Consulting-Coaching with Donna 

1.  Private & Group Consulting.  (Cayman Islands)

2.  Private Consulting On-line.  (Cayman & Globally)    

3.  Group & Corporate (Cayman & Globally)

5.  Podcasts (soon come)! 

6.  Online inclusion in Donna's Private Facebook              Groups: Fresh Start & A Breathing Space                

7.  Subscribe to her blog and newsletters.

Combining the proven methodology of

The Success Principles,

Yoga & Mindfulness Training,

and her years of professional expertise,

Donna is a masterful, inspirational, and laser-focused, Transformation Coach.               

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