Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.


Where Do You Want to Be?

  • Organized & Free from Burdens & Clutter

  •  On-Target for Your Goals & Dreams

  • Free from Anxiety, Fear, Depression

  • Happy, Content, Living with Gratitude

  • Happily Living At Your Healthiest Weight

  • Abounding in Health and Wellness

  • Acting with Personal Power

  • In Harmonious, Loving Relationships

  • Free From a Painful Past 

  • Starting Over After Change

  • Managing Grief, Sadness & Depression

  • Living The Life of Your Dreams



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Image a blank canvas in front of you.

                                                                                                                         It represents your life.

                                                                                                                    What will you paint on the canvas of your life?


Start your journey today with Donna & The Success Principles


Stones of Meaning
Jack Canfield Certified Clear Bcknd.bmp

Donna is a Certified Canfield Trainer.
Jack Canfield is Americas leading authority on success & personal development training.

You are a co-creator in your life.
...the thoughts you think
...the images you hold in your mind
...and the choices you make
all play a role in your life story - in the quality of your life.
Rewrite your story, beginning today...

and, if you think that you can never start over, never move forward, never survive, read Donna's remarkable story of resilience below.

Writing with Pen

Beyond Resilience

We all have a story.  Your story is your unique footprint.

For some people (perhaps you?) life may have delivered soul-crushing blows -

death of a loved one (either suddenly or a slow decline).  An ended marriage.  Loss of a job.  Sickness.  Business failure.  Betrayal.  A Global Pandemic in your lifetime!


Unexpected Mack Trucks, Donna calls them.

Donna Mitchell's life was catapulted into a different reality, and her perspective forever changed, at the age of 27, with the tragic death of her partner while on a tropical getaway.

Leaving all familiar (job, career, and country) she forged a way through blinding grief in the only way she could, moving as far away from her East Coast home (Newfoundland, Canada) to the Pacific Southwest (Malibu, California)

Life altering experiences, unexpected destinations, and lessons in testing the edge mark her journey and recovery from this life-shattering event, and fate and destiny brought her to the warm shores of the Cayman Islands in the early 90's.


The death of a second partner (after his long battle with cancer) left Donna again shattered by the impact of death while having to grieve and press on with resilience to make a living, survive, and continue to show up for her work helping others achieve better health and wellness.   


She was fated to lose love again, a third time - suddenly and unexpectedly in 2016.

With each of these losses, getting through (finding the transe) marked Donna's journey, stretching her beyond what she thought she could endure. She persevered with a deep soul dive into the meaning of life, and, finding joy and purpose, stronger and wiser, forged her way back to the surface, living life again.

Her wisdom is born of experience, and her great compassion and care for others shines through as her motive for the work she loves - helping others.

"That sudden and immediate empty space, where once your loved dwelled,

that empty space of air where they once were,

has a profound shattering impact on the heart, soul, and psyche of those left behind.

I had to pick myself up with each loss, spur myself on, weep untold numbers of tears, and go forward in life."  Donna

When people say: 'things happen for a reason'...

I say: 

"Things Happen". Donna

I share this deeply personal story here ... to inspire hope.

You, too, can overcome and survive the Mack Trucks of life.

You, too, can find beauty, meaning, and purpose again.


You are not alone.