New Shoes 

A Journey Of Self Discovery

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What Pop-Art Artist - Marc Laurensen
(Designer of The Shoes) says: 

"The book is a workshop in itself, and it's principles can be applied to any area of self-development!"

Meet Jon and Cheryl Clayton

The New Shoes App Designers 

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                 Cover Design Artist                      Lorraine Boland-Patey

Newfoundland, Canada

Meet Susan Colman

Contributor & Donna's      Accountability Partner

New Shoes are Symbolic of Moving Forward!


Slide into New Shoes, and achieve your healthiest weight.


You will not find any diet plans or recipes!


What you will find is a proven, step-by-step process and methodology for achieving your healthiest weight through lifestyle change, mindfulness, skill development, and development of specific character qualities for success.


The New Shoes concept has been tried and tested, with success, in the Cayman Islands and globally with On-Line Participants. 

It has been designed over a 20-year period. It's for guys and gals. 

Donna knows what it takes to Be a Finisher. 


That is her goal for you.

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This is me on graduation night with my cool and loving parents (Max and Joan).  I was so unhappy having my picture taken. The size 24XL dress was all I could find. Peach!
I decided to make my inner dream my outer reality.  You can do the same.


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