New Shoes

A Journey Of Self Discovery

Coming Soon to the Kindle Store, Donna's transformational new book and accompanying App.

New shoes are symbolic of moving forward. 


Slide into New Shoes and achieve your healthiest weight with an expert, Donna Mitchell. 


This book, and accompanying free App, is a workshop in itself, and it is fun!

Imagine, having fun while losing weight!


You will not find any diet plans or recipes! What you will find are practical solutions for every weight-related challenge, inspirational input from Donna and others on their journey, and a step-by-step method of developing the character strengths and skills necessary for your success in reducing weight and maintaining there for a lifetime, with ease.

Slide on new shoes, there are 12,  for 12 Character Development Qualities for Transformational Change and Your Success.


Choose the shoe that takes you to the next step on your path. The journey is uniquely yours.

Be the Hero, Be the Heroine, of Your Own Story "

New Shoes - The App coming soon.

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