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Imagine Walking in One Door, and Out Another,   at a Healthier Weight & Happier You

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This Book is a Labour of Love and offers solutions, support, and inspiration for every lifestyle and weight-related challenge. Achieve a healthy weight and maintain there for the rest of your life - with ease - by developing character strengths for success and LifeSkills for sustainability.

...and, It's Fun!

 Slide on New Shoes in 2023 and Create the Life of Your Dreams.  
               The book comes with a free, downloadable             New Shoes App and Tips & Suggestions from Real-Life Participants in Donna's Courses (Cayman Islands).

New Shoes Features

The New Shoes App


Jon & Cheryl Clayton Explain How the New Shoes App Works

See their Cayman Snorkel App

Author Donna Mitchell Talks About New Shoes


The New Shoes concept has been tried and tested by participants in group courses in the Cayman Islands.

Hear their voices within the pages.

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There are 12 Shoe Chapters from:

#1 The Deciding Shoe


#12 The Shoe of Finishing

Each Shoe Chapter offers steps for developing new skills & 

the character qualities for success


New Shoes has a Special Topics Section

which addresses 16 of the most common lifestyle challenges people shared in coaching and workshops with Donna

Meet The Contributors

 Jon and Cheryl Clayton

The New Shoes App Designers 

plus:  Cayman Snorkel App - Home

 Susan Colman

Content Contributor

& Donna's Accountability Partner

 Marc Laurensen
Graphic Designer

"The book is a workshop in itself, and it's principles can be applied to any area of self-development!"

    Cover Design Artist       Lorraine Boland-Patey

Newfoundland, Canada

I've Been There, and my Purpose and Passion are Found in You Arriving at Your Desired Destination!  Use the book for personal self-development, in coaching with Donna, or organize an At-Work Wellness Program with
New Shoes!

Donna Before 3.jpg

Author Donna Before!

Make Your Inner Dream an Outer Reality

This is me Donna, in the middle, with my cool and loving parents

(Max and Joan). 


I was so unhappy and self-conscious having my picture taken.


The size 24XL dress was all we could find to fit me.

Maintaining at my healthy weight (for over 4 decades) has been easy. 

Be Encouraged! 

You Can Do It Too!

Read More About Donna

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