New Shoes

A Journey Of Self Discovery

"New shoes are symbolic of moving forward!"


Slide into New Shoes, and achieve your healthiest weight with an expert, Donna Mitchell.

Meet Donna live here in this radio interview in Grand Cayman.

Available on Amazon Kindle in Jan 2021 as an E-Book and hard copy.

Receive the New Shoes App free with purchase of the book or registration          in a New Shoes Course) 

About the Book!

The book is a workshop in itself, and it is fun!

​Imagine, having fun while losing weight!  It's for guys and gals!

You will not find any diet plans or recipes!

What you will find is a proven, step-by-step methodology for achieving your healthiest weight through lifestyle change.  There are helpful solutions for every weight-related challenge. 


The New Shoes concept has been successfully tried, and tested, in group workshops in the Cayman Islands.

Receive the New Shoes App free with your book purchase.

Important- This Book is Not a Diet

No matter what diet formula you choose (Atkins, Keto, Mediterranean Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Weight Watchers, Low-Carb Diet, Paleo, DASH,  Low-Fat Diet, Plant-Based Diet), or if you choose Donna's flexible, and easily adaptable Healthy Food Guide (it's how she ate when losing 87 lbs.),

achieve your goal with her proven methodology of lifestyle change.   

Be Inspired with Donna

The journey is uniquely yours.

Meet Collaborators for New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery 

Marc Laurenson, Graphic Designer of "The Shoes" 


Jon and Cheryl Clayton, Creators of the "New Shoes App"

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A book launch and signing will be held in Grand Cayman at Le Classique - The Strand, West Bay Road, at a later date.

This is me on graduation night with my cool parents (Max and Joan).  I was unhappy having my picture taken. The dress was all I could find. Peach!!!!!

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