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Can Clothes Give You Courage?

I have a Pam Dress in my closet. It reminds me of a strong and courageous lady who fully recovered from pancreatic cancer. (We had purchased the same dress and smiled to see each other wearing it. I think of Pam every time I see the dress.)

Another couple of dresses (from my sister) bring her close to me across the miles that separate us. And a dress or two from my now-departed Mom are keepers forever.

Do you have clothes that bring memories or meaning to your life?

The test dress is another in my closet.

A true measure of success is maintaining at your healthiest weight for The Rest of Your Life, never having to go through the process again.

That's my goal for you, and it's possible!


In this final quarter of 2022, take action today to slide into your smaller sizes.

Registration The Little Black Dress
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9-Week Healthy Lifestyle Course


STARTS Today Tuesday, October 11th.

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