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How Can I Not Speak Out - No Offense Intended

As a former top-level employee of global giant, Weight Watchers, I am saddened to see the direction the company has headed. Jean Nidetch, the pioneer who founded the company, began by gathering like-minded people together in a small room to support and motivate one another through lifestyle improvement. In my day, as Supervisor of the Maritime Franchise, I traveled long distances (including in snowstorms) to deliver motivational presentations and train women and men in small outport communities to help others achieve success by becoming "A Lecturer". It was a friendly, compassionate, business.

Fast forward to today, and WW has jumped on the bandwagon to opt in for the Big Pharma solution and craze for weight-loss through injections of drugs... (that do deliver in the weight-loss results we all want to see... but which ends effectiveness when one stops taking the drug).


It's costly too. As well, the small print recommends (no surprise) eating a healthy diet and exercising is part of the regime. What's so scary, and sad, is that the people really needing these drugs (Diabetics) cannot source them because of the massive wave of 'hopeful' consumers buying it up.

In fairness to anybody reading this, I truly understand the desire and longed-for small physique and clothing size, that lower number on the scale. With over four decades in the 'weight-management field', I have seen so many trends come and go and so much disappointment for results that are not sustainable. Disappointment that leads to giving up.

This latest, by far, seems the most dangerous. Read more for yourself here, and I trust you will make wise and practical decisions for yourself in achieving a healthier weight. Sounds like Big Pharma and Big Money for Stakeholders!

Now, perhaps some of you reading this blog have already begun taking the drugs; some of you may not have heard about it. It's my hope that I don't promote it by letting you know about it, and that I don't offend you if you've started taking it.

I get it! Long ago, I tried many far-fetched methods to get rid of the extra weight. Remember Ayds? A small, chocolate-type, 'chocolate'. You were to eat 2 before a meal with a hot beverage to lessen appetite. I remember eating a full top row in the midst of an emotional storm. So much for Ayds.

Then, there was the Egg and Grapefruit Diet with my Mom. 27 Eggs in one Week - along with Grapefruit. We had eggs coming out of our ears. You can imagine how long that lasted.

Then, there was the attempt for some kind of spooky Chinese Medicine method; I nearly lost 10 lbs. racing down the rickety stairs from the Foo Man Choo type character in long robes, and even longer fingernails, as he beckoned me into his smokey den.

Another attempt with an oral drug (let's just call a spade a spade, it was pretty much Speed!) and I climbed with walls for 48 hours on some kind of hallucinogenic ride. Talk about a clean apartment at the end of it.

So, in all seriousness folks, I am really concerned about this new trend in treating obesity, and general over-weightness, (By Big Pharma). Doctors are prescribing it because they do not have the tools to help their patients (except for Functional Medicine perhaps) and they have been trained to prescribe drugs for just about everything.

Most of our weight issues are caused by over-active fork and underactive legs, as well as super-size portions and emotional eating. At least for the majority of the thousands of people I have helped over the years - and me myself.

As for me, I am still doing it 'Old School Style' by helping people make lasting changes in how they live, think about themselves, and act.

The next On-Line Group Course begins after Easter! We are finishing up a 12-week course on April 4th. Easter is yet another Catalyst Time in our calendar year for personal self-improvement.

Corporate and In-Person Small Groups are available in the Cayman Islands.

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I can help make sustainable weight loss your reality!

Another tool for self-help and it's all about your success - my book. This can be a do-it-yourself

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New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery

Whatever Your Decision When It Comes to Achieving Your Healthiest Weight, Be Wise, and Know That Lifestyle Change and Creating that New Identity (You Happily Living at Your Healthiest Weight) are Part of Sustainable Weight Management,

Not the Jab!

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