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If You Could Time Travel...

..would you venture forward into the future or return to the past?

The truth is, our minds spend much time either focused on the future or dwelling on the past. Future thinking may generate feelings of hopeful anticipation or fearful anxiety. Thoughts based on the past may lead to fond, loving memories or soulful regret.

Where does your mind dwell mostly?

As we sit perched on the edge of another New Year, and this my final blog for 2022, are there regrets and hurts from the past lingering? Are you engaged in fearful thinking of the future and find anxiety a constant.

I encourage you to begin the practice of Living in the Present Moment.

Download Helpful Information and Begin Your Practice Today

A Calm and Undisturbed Mind and Heart are the Life and Health of the Body
Download PDF • 157KB

Cope well, and live life with less stress with the Success Principle:


Event + Response = Outcome

We most often cannot control the events of life, what we can control is our response to events. Your response determines and affects outcome. As a Certified Canfield Trainer (Jack Canfield) I offer presentations, workshops, coaching, and retreats based on The Success Principles.

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...time travel to 2023...

My services in coaching & training are designed to help individuals (you) adapt healthier lifestyle practices, not just in the physical realm, also in the mental and emotional. That may include overcoming anxiety and depression, finding your life purpose, adapting to change, achieving your healthier weight, or recovering from loss of a loved one.

What does a Health/Wellness/Lifestyle Coach (Me) Do?

Offer up solutions

Guide you defining and achieving goals

Provide a confidential and compassionate listening ear

Cheer you on to your success

Provide tactical tips for enhancing health (all levels)

Train you to become your personal/professional best

Teach holistic techniques and principles

As we close 2022, I invite you to take part in one of my upcoming events, courses, or coaching packages, all designed for your unique needs.

Interested in Weight Management?

Make lifestyle changes, step by step, with my book.....

Join my Private Facebook Group Fresh Start which focuses on achieving a healthier lifestyle and lower number on the scale.

Listen in to my weekly radio show Wellness Week Kickoff (it's like a coaching session) Mondays from 7-8 pm (EST) on Bobo, 89.1 FM.

Thank you Rapha International for sponsoring Wellness Week Kickoff for December 2022. I am honoured to be a child sponsor. Read more about Rapha International and the wonderful work they do at:

Happy New Year 2023!

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