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Life/Work Balance, At-Work Health & Wellness, Lunch/Learns, Employee  Coaching...and more

Lunch & Learns
At-Work Wellness
Laser Coaching

Pre-Christmas Special Course

The Little Black Dress 

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Wellness Initiatives

1/2 Day and Full-Day Retreats

Lunch & Learns

In-House Weight-Management & Healthy Living Graduate Course

Manager/Employee Private Laser-Coaching

Invest in the Health & Wellness of your employees (from junior to top level)

and reap the rewards of a happy, vital staff, improved work performance, less absenteeism, resilience, company loyalty, and less staff turnover.

Donna offers a wide variety of relevant topics in Staff Development:

Team-Resilience & Unity

Office Zen - Achieving Work/Life Balance

Mindfulness as a Way to Stress-Free Living

Healthy Living & Weight Management

Activating The Brain for Goal Achievement

Overcoming Procrastination

Excellence & Effectiveness

The Success Principles

 Corporate & Business Clients



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Business Meeting

Staff Development  Coaching Gets Results


"Let's Have Coffee"


Do Your Employees Feel They Have Nobody to Talk To?

do you feel that way?


Lunch & Learns, Trainings, & Retreats
for Corporations & Small/Large Businesses

Laughing During a Meeting


Mental & Emotional Health


Wellness Initiatives for Healthy Living & Weight Management

Presentations & Courses are Tailored to Your Company's & Employee's Goals & Needs
-Virtual and In-Person Options-

Fitness Group

Design a Healthier Lifestyle and Achieve Your 
Best Weight


Weekly Informational & Inspirational Presentation

Food Journal Review

Group Problem Solving

Strategic Training Videos for Support, Review and Reinforcement

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Healthy Food

At Lunch or
After Hours


At-Work Course 

Each Participants receives a copy of Donna's Book:

New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery

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Life Coach, Certified Canfield Trainer, Donna Mitchell has been educating and inspiring in health, wellness & positive self-development for over 4 decades.


After a long, prestigious, early-years career with global giant Weight Watchers, she launched her own lifestyle consultancy company, Lifestyles, Ltd., in 1997. 


Dynamic, engaging courses, presentations, & coaching serve to enable participants to empower their own lives for personal & professional improvement & success.

Donna's services are available locally (Cayman Islands) & globally.

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