Workplace Coaching & Training
Work/Life Balance, Health & Wellness, Heart Coherence & Stress, Express Mini-Laser Coaching...and more

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Support Group

The Success Principles 

Team & Business Development

​Character   Integrity   Reliability

Attitude    Purpose   Excellence 


Unite your team  with foundational  Success Principles for Life & Work.

When we come together in understanding of our differences and similarities, everybody benefits.

People Thrive When They:

  • become 100% responsible

  • foster inclusion

  • keep their word

  • develop a personal and professional code of ethics

  • manage responses to life events (E+R=O)

  • ask for, and offer, assistance

  • take action personally and professionally

  • achieve life/work balance

and more....​

Laser Mini- Coaching

"Are you getting through?" is a common phase in the Cayman Islands, and it basically means: "How are things going?  Are you ok?"


Most times, we respond 'I'm fine'  when indeed, it is not. 


The truth is, many people are struggling to cope with life demands and suffering in silence about professional/personal issues.

As a customer, I hear from employees (perhaps yours) about their feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, dealing with too much, chronic tiredness, and lack of good self-care. 


Laser-Mini Coaching provides that safe space, with total confidentiality, for your valuable employees in improving their work/life balance.

Each Employee Benefits from a 30-Minute Laser-Coaching Session with Donna

Participants are free to choose their Laser-Coaching topic.

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Donna Mitchell has lived in the Cayman Islands teaching life principle for over 30 years. She understands the challenges and realities of both ex-pats and we continue to live together in safety, health, and harmony.  

 February is Heart Month
Brain Health - Heart Health
Creating Coherence

Support Group Session

We were not taught, in our earlier years, about cognitive health. 

Anxiety, fear, and depression are rampant, and robbing generations of a fulfilling life.  Change begins with knowledge. 


  • Quantum Nutrients (non-food) for Brain & Heart Health

  • Mindfulness & Meditation (they are different) for Well Being

  • The Role of Physical Activity for Overall Wellness

  • Eliminate Toxic Thinking 

  • Build Positive Neuropathways

Participants develop an understanding of how the brain and mind work, and what they can do themselves to improve their own mental health.