Employee Health & Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching/Personal and Professional Self-Development/Job Performance & Satisfaction

Elevate your business and staff to high standards of excellence, health, productivity, satisfaction and balance, in personal and professional life.

Never more than now, 2020-2021, has it been so important to equip people with skills to navigate changes in life, society and culture.

Office Zen - Mindfulness

Mental Health is a Hot Topic as a Result of the Global Pandemic.

Some are getting along, others are not coping so well.

Mental Health Embraces:

  • feelings of security and safety

  • an attitude of trust and hopefulness

  • action-based passion and productivity

  • positive thinking

  • calm, orderly management of challenges

  • accurate decision making

  • clarity and focus

  • mindfulness, self-awareness


 We'll work on implementing practical applications for dealing with life pressures, fear and anxiety.

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New Shoes:  Healthy Living & Weight  Management

It’s the elephant in the room and a sensitive issue. Yet, we know the impact of carrying extra weight in relation to health, disease, self-esteem, job performance, absenteeism, relationships and personal happiness,

This motivational program equips participants with the tools necessary for successful weight loss (without extreme measures) and life-long weight maintenance.

Available as a Virtual Training.

See more at Fresh Start. 


Together, We Achieve More - Team Building


Trust is the one thing that changes everything.  In our dynamic and multinational culture of Cayman, understanding each other is imperative to our individual and collective success and work/life experience.

Donna Mitchell understands the culture of Cayman (she's lived in Cayman for over 30 years), and she understands the challenges faced by newcomers to the island.

  Cultivate and leverage integrity, loyalty, and competency across leadership, management, and all staff by fostering unity, understanding, co-operation and trust. 

Welcome to Cayman Kind.

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