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Meditating on the Beach

Deepen your understanding of the Mind/Body Connection...

 become clear and focused, dial down anxiety, overcome fear, dissolve painful memories, gain vitality, as you retrain your mind with

Mindfulness & Meditation Training

with Donna.


Private, Small Group, Couples


Corporate Training


The Gifts of Meditation

  • feelings of being grounded, secure and safe

  • an attitude of trust and hopefulness

  • action-based passion and productivity

  • positive thinking

  • calm, orderly management of challenges

  • accurate decision making

  • clarity and focus

  • self-control

  • mind-body-spirit-soul harmony

For Teens & Young Adults Too

Donna Also Leads Classes at Vital Cayman, Spin Bar and Yoga Den, Grand Harbor
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Traditional Hatha Yoga 

 Certified in 2005

Donna's soothing voice, and clear, concise instruction, offers a personalized, gentle, mindful, restorative & healing yoga experience.

New & Advanced students develop understanding of:

  • posture

  • alignment

  • movement with breath

  • Hatha asanas

  • effective stretching

  • various styles of yoga breathing

  • meditation and mindfulness

At Your Residence or Holiday Home


Private and Couples 

Small Groups

Corporate Yoga

Back Pain

Pain-Management Yoga

Pain is a message from your body.  Donna understands pain and guides you in a variety of gentle Hatha yoga and energy-medicine techniques to ease symptoms.  

Personal training in Pain Management Yoga is provided in the privacy of your home.

Practice Yoga in the Privacy of Your Home Environment,
or While traveling,
with Donna's Audio Yoga CD. 

She designed it in response to requests from people who wanted to take her soothing voice home with them after vacationing in the Cayman Islands

Back Cover Travel and Transformational yoga[6162].jpg

What Others Say About the Travel & Transformation Yoga CD

CD Label Travel and Transformational Yoga.jpg

Donna namaste 🙏 Your Travel and Transformational Yoga is a work of art.  How beautiful.  Thank you Donna for your gift 🙏.  I opened it in the Dropbox app and then put my phone in airplane mode to play the full video offline (if I kept it on WiFi it will only play for 15 min).  Since I was disconnecting myself airplane mode was perfect.  What a wonderful gift Donna.  Just listening to your voice instructions is the best way to be in the moment.  I don’t remember ever doing a unique mindfulness yoga like this before as I’m always looking at the instructor.  Once again thank you Donna. 


Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness/Meditation Training

75-minute sessions 
$150.00 - $175.00

Sliding Scale Fee Depending upon Number of People and Location on Island (Cayman Islands)

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