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Healthy Lifestyle Design & Coaching for 
Your Healthy You

For Parents & Children

 The rewards of introducing healthy lifestyle habits at a young age are so valuable. This investment (during the developmental years) promotes healthy brain development, physical fitness, emotional well-being, future health, self-confidence, and happiness.


Donna Mitchell was an Overweight Adolescent & Teen and Has Solutions for Success.  

Person Cooking Healthy Meal

I grew up with parents who were concerned about my extra weight and helped me to get on top of that. 
My Mom partnered with me, and reduced 17 lbs. 
I lost 87, and This Impacted My Life & Destiny

Picking Strawberries

 Personalized Parent/Child Lifestyle Coaching Includes:


45 Minute - 1 Hour Confidential, Inspirational, Educational Coaching with Strategic Content.

The School Lunch Dilemma

Living in a Fast-Food World

After-School Snacking

Understanding You and Food

Healthy Living is Fun

How Not to be a Sneak Eater

Self-Image & Self-Esteem

Moods & Mood Eating

Managing Teasing & Peer Pressure

Getting Family Support

...and more 

Plus, click here to see:

What You Can Expect From Coaching With Donna

Coaching Sessions May Be (At Times) Without Parent

The Power of 3

Team Up With 2 Friends
Have Fun Getting
Healthier Together

(for Teens)
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Three Friends


It can be a battle between parents and teens, & tweens, when it comes to getting healthier. 

Coaching With Donna brings the professional element needed.

Donna's early career with Weight Watchers in Healthy Living & Weight Management includes six consecutive summers as a Lecturer/Group Leader in residential summer camps for overweight children in both the United States and Canada.

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Coaching Call Today.

I Would Love to Also Chat with Your Young Person During That Call.

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