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Laughing During a Meeting

Your Healthy You

 An At-Work Wellness Initiative creates a community of like-minded individuals.
The support, encouragement, and even competition, of group members offers a synergy that fosters effort & success.   Your company may choose to offer an 'incentive program' to enhance employee attendance and engagement or enter into a co-payment scheme.  Contact Donna To Talk Over Your Healthy You.

A Healthy You
At-Work Wellness

Your Healthy You


Transformation and positive change is a process requiring commitment. It takes time. Develop the skills to achieve your healthiest you (and best weight) and maintain easily for the rest of your life with my proven methodology. 4 Modules cover every aspect of developing a healthier lifestyle and you. 

Everybody begins with Fresh Start - Module 1

Details:  Module 1: Fresh Start

12-Week Course 


Save 20% on Groups Above 10 Participants

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