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Customize & Personalize Your Coaching with Donna

  Special Fall Sale on Private Coaching in Healthy Lifestyle Design & in Weight Management.  12-Week Package. Save $300.00


Is a once-weekly coaching session enough?

Will between-session inspirational messages be helpful?

Do you need more help in a 12-Week Coaching Package?

Life Coaching (including The Success Principles) is offered with a minimum 2-session package and may be customized for your needs and budget. See more below.


Coaching Options

Ask an Expert

2-Session Coaching Package


Get straight to the point, find solutions, get actionized, and move forward with Donna's laser-focused  

private coaching sessions



follow-up materials and strategic training videos

  Laser Coaching

2-Session Package

1 Hour Sessions

(Donna will spend additional time researching, preparing a special document for you, write a synopsis of coaching session notes for your convenience and action follow-up)

Virtual - $300.00

 In Person-Cayman Islands- $350.00

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Emotional & Mental Health & Well Being

Mindfulness Training

 Switch on positive thinking, silence the inner critic, nurture emotional wellbeing, regulate stress, and develop inner peace with specific techniques to:

ease anxiety

overcome fear

release physical & mental tension

improve mental health

 Two-Session Package 

Virtual: $250.00

In-Person: 350.00

4-Week Coaching Package

Virtual: $500.00

In Person: $700.00


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Talking on the Phone

Your Healthy You
Group Courses Start Up Again in January!


Group Synergy Works

Participants in On-Line Group Courses benefit from a small-group format with personalized attention.

Meet Donna and others once weekly for an inspirational presentation, problem solving segment, life skills section, and more.

Between sessions, Donna will research, create summary notes of each session, support you with booster emails and messages, review your food journal, and help you achieve daily goals.

Group Package

12 Weeks:  $599.99

60-75 Minute Sessions

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Healthy Woman

 Your Healthy You
Additional Services

      Environmental Control             

On a home visit, Donna will safe- proof your home, determine the products you need, assist in menu planning, and train your helper in food preparation. 

1-2 hours

 $175.00 - $250.00

  Supermarket Shopping Tour 

Personal shopping session with Donna including label reading, product identification, marketing traps. and strategic shopping.  

1 Hour



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12-Week Coaching Package -Private            On Special Now! 

Customized for your needs. 

Twelve weeks (3 months) Confidential, Inspirational Coaching for Transformation & Change

1+ Hour Sessions & Follow-Up Session Notes, Booster Emails/Messages

PDF's and Training PowerPoint Presentations and Training Videos

Coaching Package-On-Line


Fall Special 2023:


Coaching Package In-Person

Fall Special 2023:


Special registration discount valid until November 30th, 2023


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Coaching Sessions are 25% Less for Youth & Young Adults.

Donna's passion for helping children and teens extends back into her earlier career with Weight Watchers Residential Camps for Children and Teens. She was Co-Ordinator for an all-girls summer camp in Santa Barbara.   

Parent/Child Coaching Packages are Available.

See More Options for Youth Coaching Here


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