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Listen in to
"The Test Dress"...
a True Story and a Measure of the Success That I Want for You!

Your Healthy You   
What do you need to do to improve
your health and wellness? 
Many people (perhaps you?) know what to do but seem to lack the motivation to do it.

For most people, including me, going it alone gets us nowhere. That's where an expert like me comes in.  I am an expert (especially in successful weight management) with over 4 decades of personal and professional experience in healthy lifestyle design.

November Special:
12 Week Private Coaching
At a time convenient for you!
Save $300.00
Valid until November 30th.
We'll take a break over the holidays and continue on in January.

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 Your Healthy You 

                 Lifestyle Design              

          Imagine Your Own Personal Cheerleader and Life Coach 

(and Heaps of Support, Solutions, and Inspiration) as you develop a Personalized Lifestyle Plan that works for you. 

It takes time to develop the mindset, habits, skills, and character strengths

for living a healthier lifestyle, and your success involves much more than a simple

formula of diet and exercise.

That's why I developed a program and methodology that covers all aspects of the process of transformation, self-improvement, lifestyle change, and maintaining a healthy weight.

There are Four (4) Modules in Your Healthy You, my personalized lifestyle-design course; each module is 12 weeks, with scheduled breaks for holidays and vacation, as well as flexibility for your unique needs and preferences. 


Your Healthy You - Coaching & Program Options Include:

 Private Individual and Couple Coaching

Parent & Child Mentoring

Groups (Scheduled by Donna or Start Your Own Group)

At-Work Wellness Initiatives

Churches, Schools, and Civic Organizations



for Every Lifestyle Challenge

No strict diet plans!

Real food, no packaged products.

Learn how to eat healthier, be happy & feel satisfied. 

Maintain at a normal weight for the rest of your life!

Cream and White Clothes

Imagine sliding into those smaller sizes at the back of your closet


seeing improved medical results



feeling the confidence and self-satisfaction that comes with taking action and feeling good about yourself

What You Can Expect from Private

and Group Courses & Coaching 


  • Donna's Commitment to Your Success

  • Weekly 60 Minute Coaching Calls ​                                                                   

            with Follow-Up Summary Notes & Support Materials

  • PDF Excerpts (or published copy) of

            New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery, Donna's book


                       ​plus the New Shoes App 

  • Lifestyles' Healthy Food Guide - flexible, adaptable, balanced, easy to follow.                   This is not a 'diet plan', it's a list of food choices. Select those you prefer.

  • Strategic Training Videos - Motivational, Educational, Inspirational 

                                 Fresh Start 1 & 2 - The Basics of Organization

                                 Mindful Eating

                                 Emotional Health & Well Being

                                 Overcoming Guilt

                                 Strengthening Personal Boundaries

                                 Creating a Positive Mental Outlook

                                 Managing Healthy Living During the Holidays

                                 ...and more

  • Weekly Food Journal Review by Donna

  • Meal Planning & Meal Prep Strategies

  • Coaching in Techniques to Minimize 'The Stress Response'

  • Design of Your Personalized Lifestyle Plan

  • 4 Course Levels Taking You from Start to Finish

  • Optional Walk n' Talk Coaching Sessions





Virtual groups (and private) participants sometimes want to get together.

Donna offers an option for a walk/talk session with instruction in proper breathing, walking from the core, and interval (burst training), followed by stretching.

Maximize your walking results in a Walk and Talk Coaching Session.

     Coaching Also Includes:
  • Between Session Booster Emails & Inspirational Messages from Donna​

  • Downloadable Inspirational Podcasts

  • An Invitation to Donna's Private Facebook Group - Fresh Start

  • V.I.P. Status for Special Discounts for Courses, Webinars, Future Coaching, Products

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Power Walk
Online Meeting
Young Dietitian

Special Savings on
Your Healthy You Lifestyle Design

Gradient Ocean

 Special Savings on 

Private Coaching


Your Healthy You

Healthy Lifestyle Design

Save $300.00

valid until

November 30th, 2023

Here's What You Can Expect

Gradient Ocean

Your Healthy You

Successful people are those who commit to the entire process.

A Healthy You covers all aspects of transformational change and lifestyle design.  


Are you ready to begin your journey today?

There is flexibility for scheduled breaks (holidays, vacation, personal events) giving you time to put things in practice and perfect Your Healthy You Life Skills.

Group Options
for Your Healthy You!

New Group Courses Restart in January 2024

On a Walk

Team Up With 2 Others in
"The Power of Three" 

Start an
At-Work Wellness Initiative

Private Coaching

November 20th,

Invite Donna to Speak at Your Company,
Church, School, PTA, or Civic Association 

Not Sure?
Let's Chat.

Schedule a Coaching Call with Me at a Time Convenient for You.

It's Free. 

A 15-20 Minute Call Will Impact Your Life for Positive Change!


I promise that you will walk away with 1-2 gems to get started on your journey to a healthier you.

Schedule Your Call Here

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