Young Adults and Teens Mentoring/Coaching

Look Ahead Cayman/Success Principles for Positive Character Development/Self-Confidence/Overcoming Fear & Exam Anxiety


Donna has many years of experience coaching and mentoring young adults and children in residential summer camping programs in the  U.S. and Canada, including 3 years assisting children with disabilities. She mentors teens privately & in workshops in the Cayman Islands.


Donna is an annual presenter for the Cayman Islands Girl's Brigade. 


At their recent March 20, 2021 Retreat, her presentation:            "Apples & Oranges - Healthy Living"

 launched the

 'Look Ahead Cayman' Initiative! 


Donna advocates looking ahead to the future with the development of healthy lifestyle habits (such as eating your oranges and apples).  


Look-Ahead Cayman extends into the community - advocating for safe-driving in the Cayman Islands by encouraging and insisting that Drivers stop using cell phones while driving and look ahead.

(It's darn scary to see what other people are doing in their cars as they head toward you.)   

Look Ahead Cayman!  
The Girl's Brigade agree in unison! 

Donna is a Keynote Speaker for the Upcoming

Wesleyan Holiness Church Youth Annul Conference 

October 20-24th, 2021

Youth and Young Adults  

Training/Coaching/Mentoring Checklist

  •   Mental Health

                                          What it is?  What it is not! 

                                          Safe-Guarding The Mind - How To!​

                                          Managing Anxiety, Fear, Depression

                                          The Root of Positive Self-Esteem

                                          Overcoming Performance-Related Anxiety (Exams)

                                          How the Brain & Mind Work

                                          Lifestyle Habits and Mental Health

  •  Social Skills 

                                          Speaking in Public

                                          Overcoming Peer-Pressure

                                          Healthy Boundaries and Friendships

                                          Secrets of Self-Confidence

                                          Social Media Smarts

                                          Managing Moodiness...and more

  • Life Skills

​                                         Getting Organized for Success

                                         Overcoming Procrastination 

                                         Success Principles Character Development

                                         Preparing for the Working World 

                                         Life Direction & Purpose

                                         Dining Out Etiquette

                      Presentations are customized for your unique group.  

                               Contact Donna Today to Discuss Your Needs.