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I Made
An Investment in My Grandson...
Coaching with Donna...

To Help Him Become More Productive in: Study Habits
Lowering Exam Anxiety
Overcoming Procrastination
Adjusting to a New School & Life away from Home.



Coaching & Mentoring for Teens & Young Adults
Group & Private


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Donna's experience coaching and mentoring in residential summer camps in the U.S. and Canada (including specialized camps for children with disabilities and for children with weight challenges) reflects her passion for young people. 

Learn About Healthy Weight Management for Adolescents & Teens

Donna is an annual presenter for the

Cayman Islands Girl's Brigade & The Wesleyan Holiness Youth Convention

At the March 20, 2021, Retreat, her presentation: Apples & Oranges launched  

Look Ahead Cayman 


  •  Look Ahead at the importance of healthy lifestyle habits (eating your oranges and apples).  

  • Look-Ahead Cayman advocating safe-driving by asking all drivers to look ahead - not at their cell phones.

Look Ahead Cayman!  


The Cayman Islands Girl's Brigade
agree in unison! 


The Annual Wesleyan Youth Convention

October 2021

On Course with my Health

“Diet & Exercise”


On Course with the Self

“Self-Image, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence”

Guest Presenter: Miss Donna Mitchell

Planting Roots of Healthy Self-Esteem





Success Principles for


Overcoming Anxiety

Social Skills:

Building    Friendships

Personal Boundaries

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