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 Invite Donna to give a Free Presentation for Your Business, Church, or Youth Group

From bikinis and kayaking in the Cayman Islands,

to hiking and cross-country skiing in Canada,

meet Kaye.

She checks in with Donna once a year for a booster session.

Kaye in Kyack.jpg

Read more about Kaye and her successes in


New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery


Runner on Treadmill

It is my honour to write a testimonial about Donna. My name is Una, and I am 75 years old.

I met Donna four years ago when she was giving a speech at an International Ladies Club function in Grand Cayman.

Shortly after that, I had back surgery.

Water therapy was recommended for my recovery; thus, I went to Donna’s Burdenko water fitness classes.  My back and leg are completely healed, and I now go to the class simply because I love it and also because I have met some lovely ladies.

Getting to know Donna, I discovered that she is an expert in helping people lose weight and improve their lifestyles.  I decided that I wanted to lose ten pounds so that I didn’t have to ‘squeeze’ into my clothes.  

Donna set up a personal programme for me (including time on my treadmill), and we achieved my goal.  

No pressure, just good common sense, and good decisions.

I highly recommend Donna as a Lifestyle Coach.

Note from Donna

For Una's success, we applied a specific strategy to engage her imagination, and week-by-week, it worked. 

From Group Coaching to Personal Success

Wendy Before

Meet Wendy

Wendy attended a Group Program with Donna and others in the Cayman Islands.  


She Opted for Skinny Jeans

She learned new skills, and then completed her weight-loss journey on her own.

And a Little Black Dress

This is Donna's goal for you.

For you to become self-motivated & successful.

Balloons Floating in the Air
Balloons Floating in the Air

"With a significant birthday ahead, Sarah decided it was time to get herself back in control and get under the 200lb. mark.


She began on-line coaching with Donna three months before

her birthday.

Birthday Party

"Having previously followed an extreme & restrictive 'diet' (which had resulted in weight regain), Sarah knew she needed a way of healthy living that was sustainable.

She was thrilled to be eating real food, and to feel totally satisfied.

Did she make her birthday goal?


Down a Decade!

That's what Anne called it, with each 10 lbs. down the scale. 


She is over100bs and 10+ decades down (in a year) through Private On-Line Coaching with Donna.


Anne had lost weight before and regained it.  With two problem knees and severely restricted activity, she piled back on the pounds.  Post-Surgery, she was yearning to get back to her leaner, fitter self, and tells the story of Donna appearing at the exact right time (*under her balcony at a vacation resort). It was divinely appointed, and  they met together for lunch once weekly on the tropical island until Anne returned to the U.S.  Their on-line sessions continued, and undaunted by the challenges of life (including shoulder surgery), Anne continued working with Donna and achieved her healthiest weight.  

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