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 Invite Donna to give a Free Presentation for Your Business, Church, or Youth Group

From bikinis and kayaking in the Cayman Islands,

to hiking and cross-country skiing in Canada,

meet Kaye.

She checks in with Donna once a year for a booster session.

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Read more about Kaye and her successes in


New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery


Runner on Treadmill

It is my honour to write a testimonial about Donna. My name is Una, and I am 75 years old.

I met Donna four years ago when she was giving a speech at an International Ladies Club function in Grand Cayman.

Shortly after that, I had back surgery.

Water therapy was recommended for my recovery; thus, I went to Donna’s Burdenko water fitness classes.  My back and leg are completely healed, and I now go to the class simply because I love it and also because I have met some lovely ladies.

Getting to know Donna, I discovered that she is an expert in helping people lose weight and improve their lifestyles.  I decided that I wanted to lose ten pounds so that I didn’t have to ‘squeeze’ into my clothes.  

Donna set up a personal programme for me (including time on my treadmill), and we achieved my goal.  

No pressure, just good common sense, and good decisions.

I highly recommend Donna as a Lifestyle Coach.

Note from Donna

For Una's success, we applied a specific strategy to engage her imagination, and week-by-week, it worked. 

From Group Coaching to Personal Success

Wendy Before

Meet Wendy

Wendy attended a Group Program with Donna and others in the Cayman Islands. 


She Opted for Skinny Jeans

She learned new skills, and then completed her weight-loss journey on her own.

And a Little Black Dress

This is Donna's goal for you.    For you to become self-motivated & successful.

The Little Black Dress is an annual Pre-Christmas Course.

Balloons Floating in the Air
Balloons Floating in the Air

"With a significant birthday ahead, Sarah decided it was time to get herself back in control and get under the 200lb. mark.


She began on-line coaching with Donna three months before

her birthday.

Birthday Party

"Having previously followed an extreme & restrictive 'diet' (which had resulted in weight regain), Sarah knew she needed a way of healthy living that was sustainable.

She was thrilled to be eating real food, and to feel totally satisfied.

Did she make her birthday goal?


Anne had lost weight before and regained it. 

With two problem knees and severely restricted activity, she piled back on the pounds. 

Post-Op, she was yearning to get back to her leaner, fitter self, and tells the story of Donna appearing at the exact right time (*under her balcony at a vacation resort).

It was divinely appointed, and they met together for a healthy lunch once weekly on the tropical island until Anne returned to her home in the U.S. 

Their on-line sessions continued, and undaunted by the challenges of life (including shoulder surgery), Anne continued working with Donna and achieved her healthiest weight.  

Down a Decade!

That's what Anne calls it, with each 10 lbs. down the scale. 


She is 10+ decades down (in less than a year) and at her healthiest weight.


Having fun on the journey was important for her, so we built in healthier versions of the foods she enjoys (sweets).


Now retired, Anne knew she had to reduce weight in order to continue her passion for travel and diving. She remains focused on her target with staying power through weekly coaching sessions and is committed to Finishing. Her vision:




Ease of Mobility

Travel Bag
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