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Work From Home

Confidential Two-Session Life Coaching

Sometimes, only 2 coaching sessions are necessary to

get you from where you are to where you want to be.









Heather opted in for a 2-session coaching package which gave her solutions for her challenge of eliminating her 'Fast Food Lifestyle". She learned how to develop the motivation to make the best choices and where she could find sources for her 'Healthy Eating On-The-Go' new lifestyle.


Kaye opts in for a 2-session coaching package with Donna once a year as a restart and recommitment to maintaining her healthy lifestyle (and weight) after reducing down forty pounds in a group course. 

George found immediate solutions for moving forward and taking action on an important goal (and life dream) that he had been procrastinating about.  

2-Session Coaching Sessions

are laser-focused specifically on an area you want to improve     upon or change. 


In session one, we determine exactly what outcome you want to see, and the challenges and obstacles that get in the way. 

  In session two, expect solutions and tools you can use for success. 

Between sessions, Donna will research other helpful resources for you and/or create support materials designed for your unique needs. 


Suggested List of Coaching Topics.

On a Video Call

1+ hour Coaching Sessions

plus Follow-Up Notes

Support Materials

Educational & Motivational Training Videos

Virtual Coaching from the convenience of your

home or office


In-Person Coaching 

2-Session Coaching Packages


Virtual $300.00


In Person: $350.00

Your Healthy You

If designing a healthier lifestyle, and you,

is your goal,

this is accomplished in a more longer, comprehensive course. 

See more at:

Your Healthy You

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