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Donna Mitchell is an Extraordinary Lifestyle Coach! 

She has been inspiring, guiding, training, and mentoring long before "Life Coaching' became a trend.  Her personal life story (see About Donna) and professional experience, attest to unusual courage, resilience, faith, and compassionate understanding of life challenges and the deeper meaning of life.

Early in her life journey, Donna decided that losing weight (almost 90 lbs.) was totally necessary in order to life the life of her dreams.

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Donna Mitchell's purpose and passion are found in inspiring people of all ages and walks of life to reach his/her potential.  She leads and mentors in the process of transformation, change, recovery, and the development of character qualities and skills to achieve, thrive, overcome, and courageously follow one's dreams.  

Be the Hero, Be the Heroine, Of Your Own Story

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Donna Mitchell understands the deeper issues of life, the necessity of adaptation, health, strength, resilience, and hopefulness, in overcoming the Mack Trucks of life and Living the Life of Your Dreams.

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Donna's Soon Coming Book:

New Shoes

A Journey of Self Discovery

             Will be available on Amazon Kindle and

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Transformational Weight Management,

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The truth is, you can transform every aspect of your life using the proven methodology of The Success Principles and the expert mentoring of Donna Mitchell. 

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