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Donna Mitchell is an Extraordinary

Lifestyle Consultant and Transformational Health & Wellness Life Coach

She specializes Weight Management

Why?  Because her life has been extraordinary. 

She has been inspiring, guiding, training, and mentoring long before                     "Life Coaching" gained popularity. Her personal story and professional experience attest to unusual courage, resilience, faith, and vision. 

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At a decisional moment, Donna realized she wanted to live a different life, to change her story, and that shedding 87 extra pounds was essential for developing the confidence, courage, and stamina to open the door to the life of her dreams.

Be the Hero, Be the Heroine, Of Your Own Story

 Donna Mitchell understands your longing for health, happiness, and wearing a smaller size. She also knows how to 'start-over', persevere, and maintain hope in the midst of trouble.  

  Hear part of her story on  TedX.

Feeling frustrated and unhappy with your body?  Afraid to try again? 
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Create Your New Identity

with Donna's 

Soon Coming Book:

New Shoes

A Journey of Self Discovery

             Will be available on Amazon Kindle and

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Transformational Weight Management,

Step by Step

Step Into the Life of Your Dreams

Into Your New Identity. 


What is this New Identity? 


You!  You Living Your Healthiest You!

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