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Donna Mitchell's purpose and passion are found in inspiring all people to believe in their own potential.  She leads and mentors in the development of character qualities and skills to achieve, thrive, overcome, transform, and courageously follow one's dreams.  


Be the Hero, Be the Heroine, Of Your Own Story

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Do you have dreams, big dreams, and goals, yet you feel as though you are getting nowhere?

Or, has your life turned upside down?

-a divorce


-death of a partner

-financial challenges

-loss of a business

-exam failure

-a Global pandemic??


For many today (perhaps you?) it feels like being blindsided by a Mack Truck  -

COVID 19, 2020.

People are unsure of the future, uncertain about what the next step is.  Not sure how to rebuild.

          Resilience, re-inventing, and re-creating are hallmarks of Donna's personal and professional life. 


Listen to part of her story in the TedX Talk found under the Donna link.  


Be the Hero, Be the Heroine, of Your Own Story.   


This is my goal for you. Donna

A Deo Favante

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Meeting Donna was the best thing I have ever done for me! Best of all she taught me to honor myself and to have my life in balance. Thanks to Donna, after two years I wear clothes three dress sizes smaller, have reduced my blood pressure medication by half, and feel good about myself! I even managed Machu Picchu this year which I would not have done two years ago!




Your Greatest Self.

Feeling overwhelmed?  

Find yourself muttering under your breath or slamming doors?

Wondering, “What About Me” or

“What’s Next”? 

Recalibrate Your Vision! 

stop talking


Struggling to achieve your dreams and goals?

Don't accept the status quo that:

"This is as good as it gets!"

The truth is, you can transform every aspect of your life using the proven methodology of The Success Principles and the expert mentoring of Donna Mitchell. 




-identify your life purpose and passion

-increase self-confidence

-overcome obstacles

-improve relationships

-manage balanced living

-succeed in weight management

-realize all your ambitions

...using the proven methodology of    The Success Principles. 

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A Journey of Self Discovery

Coming soon to a Kindle near you,

Donna's new

"Transformation & Change

Weight Management Book" 

and accompanying App.


What do you want to take with you into the future, what do you want to leave behind?

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