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Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

After Easter: Group/Private Courses

- Virtual

Fresh Start: New Beginners Group

Your success begins with this foundational course offering guidance and support in the basics of developing a healthier lifestyle, nutrition know-how, meal planning, meal preparation, smart supermarket shopping, family and partner support, identifying too-hot-to-handle foods, solutions for snacking, nighttime overeating, and weekend challenges.

(Fresh Start, The Basics is also offered in Private Coaching and At-Work Wellness)

Moving Forward: On-Going Group

Unlock the keys to sustainable weight-loss success (for the rest of your life) with a deep dive into overcoming limiting beliefs, becoming a positive thinking with emotional well-being, manifesting goals in the physical with affirmations and visualizations, and understanding/healing the concept of disappointment and guilt. 

Participants in Moving Forward Groups and Private Coaching must have taken part in Fresh Start, the Basics. 

Being a Finisher: On-Going Group

 Avoid giving up when the goal is in view; without finishing, most people regain weight and return to the habits that created the problem. Here you will develop inner inspiration to fulfill your destiny and become self-motivated to maintain your new lifestyle habits, forever.  Learn the concept required to 'be a finisher' and maintain at your healthiest weight, for the rest of your life. This is my goal for everybody. 

Participants in Being a Finisher Groups and Private Coaching
must have taken part in both Fresh Start, the Basics and Moving Forward.


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Can Expect

 A Healthy Lifestyle is the #1 Way to Achieve Your Weight-Related Goals  

All Groups and Private Coaching Include:

12 Modules - 12 Weeks

  1. Weekly Inspirational, Educational Coaching Sessions - 60-90 minutes

  2. Follow-Up Session Notes and Relevant Materials

  3. Strategic Training Videos for Support, Review and Reinforcement

  4. Weekly Food Journal Review

  5. Meal-Planning Workshop

  6. Food Product Assessment

  7. Between Session Booster Emails and Messages

  8. Optional Walk/Talk Sessions

  9. Personalized Attention for Your Unique Needs & Challenges

  10. Excerpts from (or a print copy of), Donna's Book: New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery

  11. VIP Discounts for Furture Training Courses

  12. Optional Yearly 'Booster Shot' Coaching Sessions for Restart & Refocus

12-Week Coaching Course - Private - $2,100.00

12-Week Group Coaching Package - $599.99

Not sure, schedule a call with Donna to discuss your needs/situation:

 2023 is Your Year for Success

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