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Achieve Your Healthiest Weight and Maintain There
For the Rest of Your Life...

With Ease
                         I Did It      So Can You!                  

Hi, I'm Donna, that's my story, and it's what I want for you,
Lifelong Weight Maintenance.

 Group Courses & Private Coaching  

On-Line & In Person (Cayman Islands)

New Sessions Begin After Easter Break, 2023

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There are 3 Levels in my unique approach to healthy weight loss; (Everybody begins with Fresh Start followed by Moving Forward and then Being a Finisher.)

1. Fresh Start - The Basics (12-Week Course) 

2. Moving Forward (12-Week Course)

3. Being a Finisher & Maintaining - Forever (12-Week Course)

 Private & Group Coaching with Donna

Always Personalized for Your Unique Lifestyle

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With the proven New Shoes methodology, journey to your healthiest weight

step-by-step, and with ease,

and develop the positive character strengths and skills for success.


Donna's been there, and she will help you get organized, develop positive habits, overcome limiting beliefs and developing a success mindset, as well as find solutions for

 your lifestyle and weight-related challenges. Donna assists you in the design of a lifestyle plan that is unique and personalized for you.  

Solutions     Support     Inspiration

for Every Lifestyle & Weight-Related Challenge

No strict diet plans!

Real food, no packaged products.

Learn how to eat healthier, be happy & feel satisfied. 

Maintain at a normal weight for the rest of your life!

Cream and White Clothes

Imagine sliding into those smaller sizes at the back of your closet


seeing improved medical results



feeling the confidence and self-satisfaction that comes with taking action and feeling good about yourself

Private Coaching and Anne has Reached Her Goal - Over 100lbs. Down

Down a Decade!

That's what Anne calls it, with each 10 lbs. down the scale. 


She is 10+ decades down (in less than a year) and at her healthiest weight.


Having fun on the journey was important for her, so we built in healthier versions of the foods she enjoys (sweets).


Now retired, Anne knew she had to reduce weight in order to continue her passion for travel and diving. She remains focused on her target with staying power through weekly coaching sessions and is committed to Finishing. Her vision:




Ease of Mobility

Travel Bag

What You Can Expect from Private

and Group Courses & Coaching 


  • Weekly 60-90 Minute Coaching Calls ​                                                                   

            Follow-Up Summary Notes & Support Materials

  • PDF Excerpts (or published copy) of

            New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery, Donna's book


                       ​plus the New Shoes App 

  • Lifestyles' Healthy Food Guide - flexible, adaptable, balanced, easy to follow.                   This is not a 'diet plan', it's a list of food choices. Select those you prefer.

  • Strategic Videos - Motivational, Informational - for Review & Reinforcement

                                 Fresh Start 1 & 2 - The Basics of Organization

                                 Mindful Eating

                                 Emotional Health & Well Being

                                 Overcoming Guilt

                                 Strengthening Personal Boundaries

                                 Creating Positive Thinking Patters

                                 ...and more

  • Weekly Food Journal Review by Donna

  • Meal Planning & Meal Prep Strategies

  • Coaching in Techniques to Minimize 'The Stress Response'

  • Life-Skills for Permanent Weight Control

  • 3 Course Levels Taking You from Start to Finish

  1. Fresh Start-The Basics

  2. Moving Forward

  3. Being a Finisher & Maintaining

  • Optional Walk n' Talk Coaching Sessions with Donna


        Discover Mindful Walking, how to breathe, activate the core, & maximize results                                                                Available in the Cayman Islands only, for now! 

  • Between Session Booster Emails & Inspirational Messages from Donna​

  • An Invitation to Donna's Private Facebook Group - Fresh Start

  • V.I.P. Status for Special Discounts for Courses/Webinars/Future Coaching


Private & Confidential Life Coaching for Everybody

Men, Women, and Teens

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Power Walk
Online Meeting
Young Dietitian
Preparing dinner

Not Sure?
Let's Chat.

Schedule a Coaching Call with Me at a Time Convenient for You.

It's Free. 

A 15-20 Minute Call Will Impact Your Life for Positive Change!

Schedule Your Call Here

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Registration for Private Coaching 

Gradient Ocean

2-Session Coaching

Gradient Ocean

3 Month Package

12 Sessions On-Line


12 Sessions In-Person 2,999.00

Plus:  One Bonus Coaching Session

Gradient Ocean

6 Month Package

24 Sessions On-Line 


24 Sessions In-Person 


Plus: 2 Bonus Coaching Sessions

On a Walk

Team Up With 2 Others in
"The Power of Three" 

Start an
At-Work Wellness Initiative

Be Part of

Courses are Scheduled by Donna.



Invite Donna to Speak at Your Company,
Church, School, PTA, or Civic Association 

Group Options for Achieving
Your Healthiest Weight

Listen in to "The Test Dress"...
a True Story and a Measure of the Success That I Want for You!

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