Just Need Somebody to Listen? 

Or, is there a Specific Challenge or Need?

Coaching Arenas

Career Development & Change

Starting Your Own Business

Health, Wellness, Weight Management

Fear,  Anxiety and Depression

Relationships (Romantic/Professional/Family)

Loss and Grief

Managing The Giants

 (extreme life challenges -  job loss, aging parents, helping an ill or dying loved one, divorce, relocation)

Discovering Your Life Purpose & Passion

Personal & Professional Self-Development and Improvement 


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Laser-Focus Package

Get straight to the point, find solutions, get on track, and move forward with Donna's laser-focus     2-session coaching package.


Two 1-hour private coaching sessions plus follow-up materials custom designed for you personally.


  Virtual Coaching - $200.00

 In Person-Cayman Islands - $300.00

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Donna Mitchell

Achieve Your Healthiest Weight! 

Get right to the heart of your success, from the very foundation, the very first session.

Each session is customized for where you are (in the moment).


Twelve 1-hour Confidential, Inspirational Coaching Sessions with Donna & Email Follow-Up Notes

Food Journal Review

Personalized PDF's and Training PowerPoint Presentations and Videos

Booster Emails

Inclusion in Private Facebook Group

V.I.P. Status for Specials

Registration Remains at Reduced Rates During the Covid-19 Pandemic.  


Virtual - $900.00 

In-Person -$1,140.00

(Cayman Islands Only)


For guys and gals!

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Donna Mitchell

Mini-Coaching Package


Solutions, support and inspiration for your specific needs, goals, and challenges. 

Free Introductory 15-Minute Interview Call


Five 1-hour private coaching sessions plus booster emails, educational and motivational Power Points, downloadable PDF's, and training videos, where appropriate.


 Virtual Coaching - $599.99

 In Person (Cayman) - $799.99


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Donna Mitchell

  Healthy  Weight  - Additional Options & Services

         Environmental Control             On a home visit, Donna will safe proof your home, determine the products you need, assist in menu planning, and train your helper in food prep. $250.00

  Supermarket Shopping Tour 

A one-hour session with Donna incudes label reading, product identification, marketing traps and strategic shopping.   $125.00​

Mindfulness Training

Self-awareness and learning to control your mind is key to your success. Switch on positive thinking, silence the inner critic, maintain  emotional wellbeing, regulate stress hormones.  Includes guided meditation, mindfulness and relaxation training, strategic breathing, and more.

  1+-hr.  $150.00 


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Donna Mitchell

 Transformational Package

 The Dragonfly symbolizes self that comes with maturity - going past self-created illusions and beliefs that limit your growth and ability to change.  Transform your life on all levels:  physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  

 Free Introductory 15-Minute Interview Call 


Twelve 1+-hour private coaching calls, inspirational emails, educational and motivational Power Points, downloadable PDF's, and training videos, where appropriate.

Virtual Coaching - $1,429.00

In Person- $1999.99

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Donna Mitchell

  Youth & Young Adults
    Private & Group Coaching        



 Donna mentors young people in positive character development, life-skills, resilience, overcoming fear, healthy living, and more.

Popular Teen Coaching Arenas:

Social Anxiety


 Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Exam-Related Anxiety

 Navigating Peer Pressure

Dissolving Conflict

Personal Code of Ethics

"Apples & Oranges" - Healthy  Living

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Choose from the 2-Session Coaching, Mini-Coaching or Transformational Coaching Packages. 

A student % discount will apply. 

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​Workshops (Funshops) and Presentations for: 

Schools, Youth Associations & ClubsChurch Youth Groups

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Donna Mitchell