Make Your Inner Dream               Your  Outer Reality.

June Workshop at
Vital Cayman

Imagine Your life is a Movie, and You Are both Writer & Director!

How is your life story in this moment?

Are you seeking something more?

Imagine rewriting your story.


What Does That New Life Look Like

for You?

It's a creative process, made easy for you with Donna, and one that becomes joyful, doable, possible... 

whether that's you.....

 .....sliding into a pair of skinny-jeans

starting over after loss (death of a loved one, a job)

changing careers or deciding on entrepreneurship

choosing to live a healthy lifestyle

People who coach with Donna become self-empowered to impact their own lives for positive change.  

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Authentic, Engaging, and Edgy,

Ted-X Inspirational Speaker,

Health & Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Consultant, Certified Canfield Trainer, Author, Adventurer,  Donna Mitchell,

 is an Extraordinary Coach.   

Donna has over four decades of motivational leadership and has been 'coaching' long before 'coaching' became trendy.


She recently published her first book:

 New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery 

Transformational Life-Management,


Read more here:  

Personalized Health/Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching/Mentoring

      In achieving a healthier lifestyle, and weight, there is no 'one fit' for everybody. Your lifestyle, challenges, preferences, and goals are unique to you.

If you need flexibility - there is flexibility.  

If you need structure, Donna builds in structure.

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Listen in to Donna's TedX talk

as she shares early-in-life experiences that helped shape her destiny and story.

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Health & Wellness with Donna Includes: 

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