Fresh Start

Inspired Living At Your Healthiest Weight

A Journey of Self Discovery


Donna is "an expert" in weight management (both personally and professionally).  She has successfully maintained at a healthy weight, with ease, years after reducing down multiple clothing sizes with an 87 lb weight loss.


She understands your unique challenges whether they are emotional eating, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of motivation, or simply unhealthy habits. 


Donna's methodology and comprehensive programs provide structure for the beginner in Fresh Start - The Basics.  Upon completion of Fresh Start-The Basics, progress in the direction of success with phase two of Donna's program, Moving Forward.  Course outlines are available.


As everybody is different, get solutions, support, and inspiration for your unique lifestyle and weight-related challenges.   This is no "Cookie-Cutter Program".  

As Donna says:  "You are the Program!"  The results may not be fast, transformational weight loss takes time.  Get results that last, that's Donna's aim for you! 


Let's call this an "Express Course" with a 10-lb weight-loss target!

6 Weeks - 6 Modules

Wednesday, July 15 - Wednesday, August 19: 

7:00 pm Cayman Time / 8:00 pm EDT (US and Canada)

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Summer Discount of 33% on Registration

Summer offers additional opportunities for successful weight loss including longer daylight hours for being active outside, fresh summer produce,  less desire for heavier foods,  and just the wonderful feeling of summer.


This Virtual Group Program and support services will boost your morale and motivation to achieve your healthiest weight by focusing on only 10 lbs. Ten pounds translates into a clothing size.  


  • Set the Mood for Success

  • Creative Ways to Increase Physical Activity

  • Schedule and Structure Meals with Flexibility

  • Secrets to "Feeling Slimmer" (Feel It, Become It!)

This summer mini-course includes a Weekly Live Group Session with Donna,  Instructional and Inspirational PowerPoint slideshows, and materials.

Imagine how YOU want to feel this September!   Donna

(If you miss a live session, the video replay & materials will be sent. )


I started talking to Donna online with virtual coaching, reluctantly. To my great surprise, Donna did not talk very much about my weight at all in our first few sessions.


Donna peeled back layers of suppressed negative emotions built up over my lifetime. As I became consciously aware of these previously unacknowledged feelings, I started to care more about my appearance and longevity. Basically, I started to love myself and wanted to take care of myself.

 I recommend to all men out there coaching sessions with Donna.
 Steven, UK

Donna's weight-management program (all levels) are available to you in a variety of ways: 

1.  Private in-person and on-line coaching. 

2.  Group in-person and on-line workshops.

3.  Couples/Family in-person and on-line coaching.

4.  Corporate in-person and on-line courses and training. 


Donna provides free support in an online Facebook group.  Fresh Start Facebook Group Members receive free educational/motivational content along with the added bonus of pre-registration discounts on special training webinars and on-line courses.   Inclusion in the Facebook group does not make it obligatory to enroll in a course.


And, just down the road,  "coming soon" - look for Donna's book:

New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery - Transformational Weight Management. 

Targeted for publishing in 2020!! 


 Inspired Living Weight Management

 3 Levels

Fresh Start, The Basics - 12-week course (12 sessions)

 - everybody starts with this foundational level. 

Success steps and strategies for becoming organized in 'The Food Department'. 

  • Lifestyle's Flexible, Healthy Eating Guidelines, 

  • Personalized meal planning

  • Safe-proofing the environment

  • Time-efficient meal-planning and meal preparation,

  • Smart supermarket shopping

  • Healthier snacking, Night-Time Munching   

  • ...and so much more 


Participation in the course includes a once-weekly on-line Zoom Meeting Webinar (45 minutes), follow-up materials, PowerPoint presentations, group discussion, problem-solving, and between-session motivational booster emails.                                                                                                

Moving Forward - 12-Week Course and then ongoing...

Move forward upon completion of Fresh Start  with:

  • 7 elements of self-transformation 

  • Developing emotional balance and well-being,

  • Building a mindset for success - Defeating negative thinking

  • Body Awareness and Intelligence

  • Activating the R.A.S. and Using the Gift of Imagination

  •  ...and so much more

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