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Donna Mitchell is "an expert" in weight management, personally and professionally. After a long and high-profile career with global giant, Weight Watchers Inc., Donna launched her own Lifestyle Consultancy Business in 1997.


Here's how & why people benefit from Donna expertise:

•She’s been there, and understands the challenges of being overweight!

•Donna is a success story.  She not only lost the extra weight; she has stayed at a healthy weight for over 35 years - with ease!

•Donna understands emotional eating, stress related, and binge eating. 

•Donna is knowledgeable & motivational, and she presents things in a way that helps me get on track and overcome my challenges.

•She is a compassionate listener and guarantees the confidentiality of what you share. She never judges my actions.

•She gets why I want to eat chocolate rather than an apple!

It begins with you making a decision to do something about the extra weight.  To show up for success.

Discover Donna's flexible, and easily adaptable Healthy Food Guide (it's how she learned to eat when losing 87 lbs.), achieve your goal with her proven methodology of Success Principles, Mindfulness, Lifestyle Re-Design, and Personal Transformation.

Donna works with you, where you are, and guides you to where you want to be, either privately, or in group workshops.

Consulting-Coaching with Donna 

1.  Private Consulting In-Person.  (Cayman Islands)

2.  Private Consulting On-line.  (Cayman and Internationally)

3.  In Person Group Workshops & Corporate Incentives (Cayman Islands)

4.  Online Group Workshops & Courses (Cayman and Internationally)

5.  Podcasts (soon come)! 

6.  Online participation in Donna Private Facebook Groups. Click to join:                                   (Fresh Start and A Breathing Space

7.  Subscribe to her blog and newsletters.

Stevens Story

Donna Before - she's in the middle!

20 for 20


Week of 

April 26th.


  20 lbs.

Scroll down for more information on 20 for 20!.
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20 for 20

Laser Focus on 20 lbs.

I keep hearing from people (in Cayman and globally) about the uncomfortable extra pounds that have shown up as a result of the global pandemic and resulting lifestyle changes and challenges.

How would it feel to be 20 lbs. lighter?  That's our Laser-Focus!

Are you in?



There are four recognized causes for weight gain.

Identify yours, and laser-focus your way to success.  

If you need flexibility - there is flexibility.

If you need structure, there is structure.

You are the Program.


12-Week Laser-Focus Course 

Begins Week of April 26th - July 12th.  

Early Registration Deadline:  April 14th - 20% Savings




Your Registration and Participation includes:

 - A Personal 1-Hour Consultation with Donna  (on line or in person)

 - Weekly Group Sessions (on-line or in person in Cayman)

 - Themed Workshops with Follow-Up Materials & Power Point Presentations

 - Between Session Booster Emails

 - Food Journal Analysis

 - Principles from Donna's Soon-Coming Weight-Management Book!       

 - Personalized Support for Your Unique Challenges and Needs

 - Reduced Registration on Water Fitness Classes (Cayman Islands)

- A Dance the Pounds Away Night with Donna (Cayman Islands)

-and more...                                                                       

 For Cayman Participants, have a say in the day and time of our weekly sessions, held at Buckingham Square, West Bay Road, by registering early.

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