Create a Healthier Lifestyle, Live Well at  Your Healthiest Weight

                   Virtual On-Line and In-Person (Cayman Islands)            Donna's Signature Lifestyle Coaching for Weight Management

  • ​Her comprehensive library and methodology provide solutions, support, and inspiration for every weight related and lifestyle challenge.

  • Expect an easy-to-follow guide for healthy eating, meal planning, dining out, supermarket shopping, and more.

  • Develop, design, and implement your own personal lifestyle plan with Donna. 

  • Step by step, create your New Identity - you without the extra weight - you participating in activities you never thought possible.

  • Be inspired and stay on course with motivational coaching calls, follow-up support materials, and booster shots between coaching sessions.

  • Training videos on specific subjects support your success along the way.

  • Join with other like-minded people in Donna's Private Facebook Group:  Fresh Start


Stevens Story

Read how people benefit from Donna expertise:

•She’s been there, and understands the challenges I face being overweight!

•Donna is a success story.  She not only lost the extra weight; she has stayed at a healthy weight for over 35 years. I want that.

•Donna understands emotional eating, stress related, and binge eating. 

•Donna is knowledgeable & motivational, and she presents things in a simple step-by-step  way that helps me get on track, and stay on track.

•She is a compassionate listener and guarantees the confidentiality of what you share. She never judges my actions.

•She gets why I want to eat chocolate rather than an apple!

It begins with you making a decision.  To show up for success


      In achieving a healthier lifestyle and weight, there is no 'one fit' that fits everybody. Your lifestyle, challenges, and goals are unique to you.


If you need flexibility - there is flexibility.  


If you need structure, Donna provides structure.  

You Are The Program