Fresh Start

Inspired Living- At Your Healthiest Weight

A Journey of Self Discovery


Donna Mitchell is "an expert" in weight management, personally and professionally. 


Here's why people choose Donna's methodology:

•She’s been there, and understands being overweight!

•Donna is a success story.  She not only lost weight; she has stayed at her goal for years.

•I know she understands emotion-charged overeating (binging) and my low self-esteem.

•Donna is very knowledgeable and motivational and presents things in a way that helps me get on track and overcome my challenges.

•She is a compassionate listener and guarantees the confidentiality of what you share.

•She gets why I want to eat chocolate rather than an apple!

This Is Not A Program.  (or a diet!)

As Donna says:  "You are the Program!"  

Get results that last, that's Donna's aim for you! 

Lifestyle Change is the Most Effective                    Weight-Management Method

Donna works with you, where you are, and guides you to where you want to be.


  • Develop your own Personalized Lifestyle Plan. 

  • Overcome self-doubt, and unsubscribe from negative thinking.

  • Create healthier habits and new ways of living.

  •  Achieve your goal and stay there for the rest of your life.  

 Virtual Private and Group Coaching and Courses support, educate, inspire, and provide solutions for every weight-related challenge.


I started talking to Donna online with virtual coaching, reluctantly. To my great surprise, Donna did not talk very much about my weight at all in our first few sessions.


Donna peeled back layers of suppressed negative emotions built up over my lifetime. As I became consciously aware of these previously unacknowledged feelings, I started to care more about my appearance and longevity. Basically, I started to love myself and wanted to take care of myself.

 I recommend to all men out there coaching sessions with Donna.
 Steven, UK

Work with Donna in a variety of ways: 

1.  Private In-Person.  (Cayman Islands)

2.  Private On-line. 

3.  Group Workshops & Corporate Training Sessions.

4.  Online Group Workshops & Corporate Training Sessions.

5.  Online Webinars and Courses.

6.  Couples/Family in-person and on-line coaching.

7.  Online participation in Facebook Groups (Fresh Start and A Breathing Space) for free events, information, and instruction.

And, just down the road,  "Coming Soon" - look for Donna's book:

New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery - Transformational Weight Management. 

Targeted for publishing in 2020!!   Well...with COVID19 Pandemic, we are recalibrating for January 2021.


 Weight Management Courses include...

Fresh Start, The Basics - 12-week course (3 months)

 - everybody starts with this foundational level. 

Success steps and strategies for becoming organized in 'The Food Department' with:

  • Lifestyles' Flexible, Healthy-Eating Guidelines. 

  • Personalized Lifestyle and Menu Planning.

  • Environmental Control Practices.

  • Smart Supermarket Shopping.

  • Healthier Snacking.

  • Dining Out and Socializing Strategies

  • Solutions for Nighttime Munching

  • Managing Weekends    

  • ...and much more 


Participation in the course includes a once-weekly session (online via Zoom)   (45-60 minutes), a Private Consultation with Donna (for group participants), recipes, menu plans, personalized problem-solving, motivational concepts,  nutritional education, organizational planning tips, and group discussions (if a group course), with follow-up PowerPoint presentations and between-session booster emails.                                                                                                

Moving Forward - 12-Week Course and then ongoing...

Move forward with:

  • 7 Elements of Transformational Change  

  • Building Memory for Success

  • Emotional Wellbeing

  • Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

  • Engaging Your Brain to Achieve '

  • and Using the Gift of Imagination

  •  ...and much more

Please go to the Coaching Packages link for Registration Options.

Maintaining Your Goal - Coaching Options

Free Attendance in Group Sessions if at Goal Weight.

 2-Session Coaching - Reset Booster Sessions.

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