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An easy-to-follow, relaxing, restorative Hatha Yoga session with Donna’s soothing voice, concise and clear instruction, Celtic harp from Newfoundland and the sound of Cayman’s waves.

Suitable for new beginner and moderate level yoga practice. 

56.2 minutes

Designed, produced and narrated by Donna Mitchell, Lifestyles Ltd., Grand Cayman

“This Yoga CD was inspired by Dee who wanted to take my soothing voice home with her from her vacation in Grand Cayman”. Donna  


Donna’s CD made it to Bali, this is what Sue had to say:

" Bali is a very special place with joy and peace part of daily life there. It is a perfect location to explore self, recommit to wellness and make yoga practice a daily ritual. Using Donna's CD to guide me through poses in the morning was a beautiful way to start the day at Poinciana resort on Bali's north coast. Somehow the flowers were brighter, the bird songs clearer and the ocean more healing when I started my day with this CD."


A percentage of yoga sales benefits local charities in Cayman and overseas including Ms. Nadine’s Preschool and Rapha House. (

Travel and Transformational Yoga - Audio CD

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