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Water Fitness

I had the pleasure of taking Donna’s “Burdenko" water fitness classes throughout the third trimester pregnancy of my second child.  Not only is Donna an amazing teacher, the activity itself was perfect for a prenatal mama.  It can be hard to keep up a fitness routine, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, but Donna’s class made it really enjoyable and something I looked forward to each week.  Being in the water just made it so much easier to move, while still feeling like you got a great, but gentle workout.  I would recommend this water fitness class as a prenatal class to anyone expecting, in a heartbeat.

Tanis C

Water Fitness

Hi Donna--

Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts involved with your 
Burdenko Water Conditioning course(s).

It's a great low impact workout (endurance, strength, balance--and great for the core).

I've recommended it to all my dive buddies and family.


Best Regards, Bob V


Guest at Morritts Tortuga, Grand Cayman

Water Fitness


Pat and I just finished completing our  5th Yoga session with Donna's CD which you  bought for Pat.  We intend to do it every day.
With the glistening River through a picture window as the background and our new hardwood floor, and its natural wood and expert craftsmanship next to us, we are in our living room traveling and being transformed.

                                                            John T

Weight Management


Fresh Start with Donna Mitchell is exactly that – a fresh start. 

            I participated in Donna’s group programme and have lost

  over 30 pounds. 


is the different approach Donna

takes to weight loss.


She is an excellent motivator and

brings the importance of mindfulness

into the process. 


           We deal with WHY we eat and not just what we eat.



Weight Management

3 years ago I was at my heaviest on the scale, just under 200lbs.  I managed to lose 18lbs by myself but, most of the loss had crept back on over the next two years. 


Depressed, upset with myself, and totally fed up with a lifetime of weight yo-yoing, I contacted Donna at Lifestyles. 


I knew I needed accountability and lifestyle change.  As a member of one of Donna’s 

groups, I learned how to plan, shop, and eat healthy meals, to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle, and to handle the many everyday challenges.  I then started at At-Work Group Progam in my workplace.  


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