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A New Month and New Neural Pathways

I love the start of a new month. Do YOU?

Turning that calendar page seems to herald in a new opportunity for opportunity. Opportunity to begin afresh. Improve on 'self-improvement'. Start over. Identify new ways you want to be!

With November, as you in the northern climates well know, the spectacular colours on display begin to fade, and resistant leaves release their hold and fall to the earth.

Is there something you would like to drop, to leave behind as November begins?

Excessive worry? Procrastination? A self-harming habit? Dwelling on 'what's wrong'?

Or, is there something you want to begin?

A new self-care practice? Getting more sleep? Putting elbow grease to a back-burner project?

And just how long will it take for your brain to develop 'new neural pathways' for new ways of thinking and behaving in alignment with your goals?

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf, it will take 3 cycles of 21 days. (she's quoted in my 'soon coming book', by the way.)

To test this theory, I switched the contents of two drawers in my bureau around. Day after day, I continued to open the wrong drawer. This continued for around 6 weeks = approximately 53 days. Pretty close to Dr. Leaf's statistic.

This is a telling example of how long it takes for a new behavior (and new thought pattern) to become the 'automatic default'.

We are a work in progress, and today I encourage you to Never Give Up on yourself and what you are endeavoring to HAVE YOUR LIFE BE.

Re: The Book

(waiting on edge for the tech-support guy to get the book type-setting perfected for upload to Amazon...this first week of November! )

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