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Embrace a summer of health: embark on adventures, ensure ample rest,.

Adventure Awaits. Is it time for you to embark on an adventure? If your routine has become monotonous and your world feels confined, it might be the perfect moment. Lack of gratitude for your surroundings? It's time to escape! A change of scenery can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being. There's no need to venture far; explore the hidden gems within your vicinity. Alternatively, dare to journey to a distant land. Broaden your horizons and rejuvenate your spirit with an adventure.

Rest is Crucial. How many hours of sleep do you get each night? The significance and benefits of sleep have been undervalued. Some even take pride in their ability to function on minimal sleep. However, research has shown that both the brain and body need sufficient rest. Why? Adequate sleep is essential for proper cognitive functions, such as thinking, memory recall, and maintaining mental health. Individuals who sleep less than six hours a night experience reduced blood flow to the brain. Sleeping less than eight hours regularly is associated with cognitive deterioration and poor decision-making. My mother always cherished her downtime. What's your experience?

Eat Well. Do you know what healthy eating looks like? There's a LOT of toxic food in the world. People are becoming sicker, and more obese, because of what they eat. Here are a few basic guidelines I follow:

  1. eliminate products loaded with preservatives, chemicals and dyes.

  2. avoid processed foods as much as possible (*boxed, plastic wrapped, manufactured).

  3. choose organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

  4. eat a balanced daily menu from all the food groups.

Teaching the basics of healthy eating is the foundational module of Your Healthy You, my comprehensive lifestyle-design course. See Details Here...Your Healthy You.

Maintaining your Healthiest Weight is rewarding. I take great joy in witnessing my clients' achievements:

Fitting into smaller clothing sizes. Reducing medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, and other weight-related issues. Gaining self-confidence. Engaging in new activities such as paddle-boarding, pickleball, and hiking. Enjoying month-long vacations in Europe without weight gain. Experiencing increased energy and vitality. General overall well-being. No more negative self-image. Possessing the willpower to pass the donut counter with a firm NO.

I understand the challenge of weight reduction can be overwhelming. I've experienced it myself, and have dedicated most of my career to assisting others in achieving their goals. For guidance on embarking on a healthy lifestyle change, consider my book, "New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery," written with your journey in mind.

My passion lies in aiding others, like you!

BE ACTIVE. The client referred to earlier, who spent a month on a European vacation, not only achieved thousands of steps daily but also made time for the gym, a practice previously absent from her routine. Inactivity accelerates aging. I recall the challenge of adopting regular activity at my heaviest; however, you can conquer your resistance by finding activities you enjoy. Enlist a friend or family member for company. Moreover, as the summer heat intensifies, you might consider my Water-Fitness DVD for an at-home aquatic exercise. For more information, see Water Works Wonders Training.

Sending positive thoughts your way, wherever you are in the world,

for health and happiness. Donna


Dee Perconti
Dee Perconti

Outstanding information!

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