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Spring Habits to Put Pep in Your Step...Plan an Adventure...Sleep...Eat Well...Healthy Weight...

Adventure. Is it time for you to 'release the brakes' and step into an adventure? As we move forward from the past 2-3 years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, many people are still experiencing feelings of isolation, uncertainty, and fear. Has your world become limited and small? Your mental and emotional health will benefit from a change of scene, a trip, an adventure. You need not travel too far from home; discover what's in your area and explore. As a dear friend of mine once said, as he dealt with cancer and chemotherapy, "you always need something to look forward to". Put pep in your step by planning adventures during this spring and summer.

Sleep. So many people underestimate the importance and value of sleep. I've even heard people boasting about how little sleep they need. Scientific research, however, clearly shows how your brain, as well as your body, requires adequate sleep for proper cognitive functioning, memory recall, and mental health. According to Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D. in his book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, "sleep decelerates brain aging. People who get less than 6 hours of sleep per night have lower overall blood flow to the brain. Fewer than eight hours per night is linked to cognitive decline and bad decision making." Need help in developing healthier sleep patterns, a 2-Session Coaching Package will teach you how to get more restful sleep. Session one, we discuss your situation, problems, and challenges. Session two provides solutions and techniques to improve sleep.

Eat Well. How well do you eat? Do you know what healthy eating looks like? Here are a few of my basic guidelines around healthy eating:

  1. avoid products loaded with preservatives, chemicals and dyes.

  2. avoid processed foods as much as possible (*boxed, plastic wrapped, manufactured).

  3. choose organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

  4. eat a balanced daily menu from all the food groups.

  5. choose very moderately from my food group called 'Allowables' - an occasional sweet, cocktail, indulgence.

Learning the basics of healthy eating is the foundation of Level 1 of my weight-management course - Level 1 - Fresh Start. Level 2 is Moving Forward where we dive deeper into the power of your mind for success and Level 3 - Finishing and Maintaining - sets you up for sustainable, easy weight management - For the Rest of Your life. Read more below.

Achieve and Maintain Your Healthiest Weight. More pep will be in your step by reducing down your weight. No more out-of-breath stairclimbing. Less strain on the knees and hips. We all know the benefits of maintaining a healthier weight, but doing what we need to do is often the stumbling block. Beware, post-pandemic, weight loss has become even 'bigger business' due to pounds gain during those years. There are some very extreme and dangerous methods of weight loss on the market! Pills, injections, extreme diets, boot-camp style fitness, and surgery. My experience, after 4 decades in the weight-loss industry, reveals that most of these methods fail. In the long run. Sustainable, life-long weight management is totally possible by developing the character strengths and skills for success. They are outlined in my book, New Shoes, a Journey of Self-Discovery, and including in my 3-Level Weight Management Coaching Course. Read more here:

New Private and On-Line Groups Begin After Easter Break

Hydration. According to Dr. Amen (previously mentioned), many people develop confusion as they age due to insufficient water intake. Are the senior members in your family getting enough water? Are your children? Did you know your brain is 80% water; therefore, it needs hydration. Water if vital for good nutrition and lessening stress hormones. Water helps to purify your body of impurities and toxins. Dehydration makes your skin look older. Grab that glass of water now and drink up.

Eradicate the Ants. Not those associated with summer picnics. The 'Automatic Negative Thoughts' (a phrase by Dr. Daniel Amen). If there is worry, fear, guilt, sadness, (or any negative thought), there is dis-ease. Dis-Ease - not being at ease. Negative thoughts give rise to the release of toxic chemicals in the body, according to Dr. Carolyn Leaf, which lead to chronic and acute health problems. Learning to control your mind (your thoughts) is the most important thing that you can do to control and change your life - for the better. Notice your thoughts. Question them. If you would like help in this key area of life, please contact me today. My training as both a Health and Wellness Coach, as well as Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor, has gifted me with a variety of tools to share to help you.

Thank you for taking time to read my April Blog. Wishing you all good things this spring!

Let me know what adventure you are planning!

And, if you are in Cayman, please join me......

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