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What is this One Thing?

Healthy weight management is really a personal thing.

We can go on and off diets, for years. So, my advice is to 'stop dieting'.

There is no 'program' . You are the program.

Can you remember combing through 'the list of allowable foods' to see where the foods were that you really wanted to eat. The lists were extensively of unlimited raw vegetables!

There are simple changes you can start today to make that support immune function and promote weight reduction. Here's #1: give up wheat.

Jeanne has just melted off 15 lbs. with this one simple change in her diet!!!

I remain at my healthy weight by NOT eating much wheat/bread/pasta/cereal and other wheat products. Whole wheat does not 'make the grade' - avoid it.

This makes for fun with a 'designer roll' at a restaurant, or occasional 'sandwich' that a friend made; ordinarily, keep wheat out of your diet.

What products are made from wheat? What do I eat instead of wheat? If you want to learn more about designing your unique lifestyle, losing weight and healthier living, join my upcoming on-line course which begins in April 2021. I will have more details coming soon on the interesting contents of that course plus an 'early registration price' for people like you who are part of my Blog, Facebook, Linkd In, etc.

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