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A Clothing Size

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Having gone through the process of losing a large amount of weight (87 lbs), I understand the value of breaking larger goals down into smaller, more achievable goals. Ten pounds is a good target to focus on during the long days of summer. There are a number of factors that actually make weight loss easier during the summer - longer daylight hours for outdoor activity, the abundance of fresh produce, and the usual preference of lighter fare.

Being accountable is a key component of commitment and success. I hear this from clients all the time. It was the same for me. I needed to face that sweet lady at the scale and try to explain why the 2 lb. gain. She always smiled and understood.

How would it feel to drop 10 lbs and slide into your clothes with ease? To help you achieve this possibility, I am offering a 6-week Summer Course - Virtual Group Format. We start Wednesday, July 15- Wednesday, August 19. 7:00 pm EST (Cayman Time) /8:00 EDT. (Canada & US)

33% off regular registration: 6 Week Course - $120.00. What have you got to lose? Enroll today.

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