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Getting off the Treadmill

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

and I don't mean the treadmill in the gym or collecting dust in your spare bedroom.!

Here's one of the ways I find to detach, find a little solitude with serves to:

1. subdue the chaos

2. still the chattering

3. and reduce down the dial.

Whether that's your internal state of being or your life in general.

This link comes with an invitation to become part of my private Facebook Group: A Breathing Space. (if you are on Facebook)

Videos, postings, yoga, meditations, and inspiration - plus 2 live meditation sessions weekly with me. All at no cost to you. This is my way of using my voice and knowledge to share love and kindness in the world. Ask to join and (as the bouncer), I'll let you in!

7:13 pm....Cayman time, time to soon 'get off the treadmill'.........

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Lydia Fourmy
Lydia Fourmy
12 de fev. de 2021

I don’t find the link for Facebook group. Can you allow me to join. Thank you.

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