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In Weight Loss, It's Not Just About the Scale!

How we want to see those numbers go down.

How the scale so often is a disappointment or does not reflect the effort you applied.

The Scale

For some people (perhaps you) the scale reading can turn a day from positive to negative. I have worked with some ladies who are fixated with the scale, weighing themselves several times a day. If that's you, that's self-defeatism, an emotional roller coaster

Weighing once daily is less severe than several times a day; however, the same variables exist for potential weight gain in short periods of time. Fluid retention is one such factor.

Once weekly weight checks (at the same time, wearing the same clothing) may be the most accurate scale reading.

Click the link here to listen to a short video from Donna: (sorry for tech trouble in uploading video link...

hope I have it this time!) YEAH.......MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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