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Social Distancing From the Refrigerator

Without a doubt, the new work-at-home and shelter-in-place lifestyle is creating havoc for many people when it comes to healthy eating, emotional eating and weight management.

Losing weight might not be your priority during this time, perhaps staying where you are is so that you can slide into those skinny jeans easily.

Or perhaps this pandemic has caused you to realize the importance of overall health. Your immune system is your #1 defense against disease and viruses. Maintaining a healthy weight is part of that. We have heard that people with extra weight are higher risk for this virus. (as they are for diabetes, hypertension and a variety of conditions).

The right time to take charge of your weight might never arrive! Today, partake in a little self-assessment and make a decision to take care of yourself. By making small changes in your lifestyle, you will step-by-step, achieve success.

3 steps you can take to maintain a healthy weight during these challenging days:

1. Plan meals and schedule snacks (avoid mindless munching)

2. Ease emotional eating by 'safe-proofing' your environment and not stocking unhealthy comfort foods (snacks)

3. Find creative ways to move, exercise and keep energy flowing

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