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Stuck at the Office - At Home

I heard from a woman that her husband is working well into midnight hours now. Hence, my comment: Are you stuck at the office, at home?

Without a doubt, I can relate. Working at home has long been a part of my lifestyle, 14-15 hour days can easily become the'norm'.

Keeping long working hours, (beyond the norm or required) irritation can easily set in - or resentment - a by product of 'always working'. Life becomes lackluster without play, relaxation, balance and creativity. Physically we become misaligned from hours at the desk and flexibility wanes. Mental, emotional and spiritual well being are all compromised.

Today, create balance in the Home/Work and Life Equation:

Schedule Time-Compartments: you determine times and activities.

How long can you wait before checking work-related emails/messages/texts?

Start your day for you:

Personal Morning Time - coffee, breakfast, exercise, meditation, devotions, family time)

Show Up for Work - At Home

Schedule lunch

Show Up for Work - At Home (as per hours you are required to work)

Determine when work ends or if you wish to work longer. Set a time limit on that.

What does your evening look like?

If you plan to continue working at night, take time off in between for relaxation, exercise, yoga, a meal, meditation. Take time to be with your family.

Set limits on how late you work. Listen to when your body becomes tired, you feel irritable or your ability to concentrate is reduced. Going to bed at a reasonable hour has been proven to drastically improve brain functioning!

Of course, this is all mixed with a good dose of flexibility. Every day may present challenges.

What is important is that you set boundaries on how many hours you spend "Stuck in the Office at Home". Take weekends off if your working week is the usual 5 days.

Self-employed? You may find yourself working 7 days per week.

If you are self-employed, like me, plan you time off! Plan segments of time into your day and week to do things unrelated to your business. Watch a movie. Take a walk. Build a garage!

Our working world has changed; adapt and make adjustments that bring balance to your life.

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