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Stuck in the Office - At Home?

Working from home is proving challenging. It is reported that some people are working way into the midnight hours, burning the midnight candle. Stress, fatigue and resentment are resulting.

Relationships are stretched and emotions roller-coaster as people strive to adjust to the current reality, which may, trends tell us, see a future of working from home as the norm.

We need skills to balance the new working at home life.

3 tips to restoring balance in your work-at-home life:

1. Live in compartments. Schedule specific working hours including a lunch break, and when your day ends. Resist the urge to go back 'to the office' and take some down time.

2. Dress as if you are heading to the office. This generates feelings of positivity and productiveness.

3. Create a routine for exercise, chores, and meditation. Plan meals and snacks.

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