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The Turtle and Hare of Weight Loss

I've always been non-competitive, choosing rather to go along at a speed and methodology that equates to long-term success vs. short term wins. What about you?

As I sit and watch the flurry of diets screaming across social media (after all, it's January!), the story of the tortoise and hare rings truth. From the guy wearing 'no shirt' to skinny divas who've never had a weight issue, I see there is literally 'nothing new under the sun'.

How many women (and an occasional man) have I seen jump on board the latest promised answer to 'dieting, weight-loss and physical fitness' - often using EXTREME measures - fail yet again. We cannot be successful with unsustainable measures.

I tried a few of them myself when trying to outwit the scale!

Here's what I know. The tortoise wins the race. The constant repetition of daily lifestyle changes and adjustments is easily the winner in the weight-loss debate. As you whittle away the weight, you add news skills, create new neural pathways in the brain for success and develop the character strengths and skills to not only lose the weight, but to MAINTAIN AT YOUR HEALTHIEST WEIGHT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. That's what I did and that is my goal for you!

Be the Turtle....the Tortoise! It's lasting change that counts.

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