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Want to Lose Weight? Don't Make It Like Work!

How you approach losing weight might need an adjustment. I work with so many great people who think they have to deprive themselves and go to extreme measures to accomplish a healthy weight. When they are unable to live up to their own expectations, or those of some trendy social-media weight-loss guru (many of whom have never had a weight issue), they give up....again. Another failed attempt generates more feelings of low self-worth.

I have seen so many fad diets come and go, and be recycled again by another name, over the years since I completed my task of getting rid of 87 lbs. (Which was accomplished slowly and deliberately through lifestyle changes, self-awareness , self-understanding, and self-mastery.)

Consider your journey to a healthy and fitter you an adventure. This adventure is rich with possibility. You have an opportunity to rewrite your life story. Sure, there may well be difficult and challenging times - the rewards of achieving your goal is worth it all.

Make it fun. Build in a reward system for yourself. Get on board with a friend, support group or Life Coach (like me). Please join my Private Facebook Group: Fresh Start for free support and information to help propel you in the direction of your goals. Click here for the link:

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