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It May Not Be The Time to Strive for Goals - It May Be Time Just for The Mundane

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

You may be surprised to read these words from a Health/Wellness - Life Coach whose passion and purpose is found in inspiring you to 'take up the gauntlet' and develop a healthier lifestyle.

I still want that for you - as achieving a better level of fitness and quality of health is just


Today's (delayed) BLOG is about:


Just how can we cope and keep hope during great global upheaval & uncertainty.


I remember the January 2020 day when a 7.7 magnitude Earthquake rocked us here in the Cayman Islands. Little did we know that 'that big shake-up' was a foreshadowing of what was coming in 2020- the global pandemic - chaos, confusion, loss - and now, 2022, war.

I remember well what I did to restore a sense of order and control,

what I did to somehow bring normalcy after that massive earthquake....

I stood at the kitchen sink and methodically did the dishes.

It was all I could do.

What are you experiencing today?

Many of my friends, associates, and clients, share that they are not focused, unable to make decisions, and are snacking (or drinking) for comfort. They lack motivation.

I too can attest to 'the wind going out of my sails' as we absorb the reality of our current-day reality.

Today, if you are overwhelmed, feeling despair, dread, depression - if you are immobilized by world events, remember my story of the dishes (during the earthquake) and the mundane as a way to cope mentally and emotionally.

Mundane acts include:

simply taking regular walks

sweeping the floor

doing laundry

doing the dishes

making a meal

organizing anything that needs organizing

ironing (I had a friend who loved ironing as she pretended to iron out all her problems)

Keeping mentally alert and well-balanced emotionally are important adaptations for resilience, clarity, health, survival, and safety.

With so much concern about 'mental health' - and how it's been affected by global happenings, take steps to protect yours.

My March newsletter will be forthcoming soon.

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