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Help for Anxiety

Anxiety is playing havoc for people of all ages and has become the dominant state of being for so many. Medication, while sometimes necessary and helpful, does little to end the pattern of anxious thought and may create a 'chemical soup' when used along with other medications. It also does not address the underlying issues and patterns that give rise to anxiety.

Are you seeking natural, holistic and non-harmful techniques to be healthier? If so, with regard to anxiety, a simple breathing technique helps to still inner calm and promote emotional well being. Armed forces (Green Beret) mention using this "Tactical Breathing" to cope with heightened stress. (quoted from "Dare to Lead" by Breneè Brown. ) Yogis have been breathing like this for years.

Inhale through the nostrils for a count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Exhale to the count of 4- exhale through your mouth. Pause for the count of 4 before beginning your refill inhalation. Repeat multiple times. Continue to increase the count as you are able.

Teach your children, grand-children, parents and friends. You would smile to see my Mom...she has been practicing that long exhale for years! Hope this helps!

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