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My Mother's Blog

I have pondered, for some time now, what my Mom would post in a Blog.

Her poetic writings, truths, and inspirational scribbles are found everywhere on the books and photos she has left behind. My recent sojourn to Newfoundland, Canada, to reunite with my sister, and spread together the ashes of both my Mom and Brother, has left no doubt the wisdom of her many writings. One favourite is:

"Do your givin' while you're livin', and you'll be knowin' where your goin'!

Surviving the arduous emotional and physical journey could not have happened without the loving support of friends and family (both those physically present and those connected through social media means). Thank you!

I learned to take care of my needs in a constantly changing environment. There were hard days of trail walking the past and enduring grief. There were moments of incredible joy and connection. Our life journey requires Adaptability, Resilience, and Acceptance.

Whatever it is you are enduring these days, whatever has rocked your world, my compassionate coaching is available, for navigating the deep rivers of life. Look for my latest newsflash in the next couple of days.

Warmly yours,


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