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You Know When You're There!

Where is There?

There.... is a moment of arrival (within yourself)!

You get there, to this moment of arrival (could also be called self-realization) not always when expected or planned. How many of us have started a "diet" thinking we were ready, but were not. Or debated a career change, but could not let go. Sometimes we think we are there in readiness to let go of a relationship, job or habit, only to find we are not 'quite' there.

Then, in an unexpected moment, you know you are ready! You are there...

The inspiration and motivation needed suddenly shows up, or bubbles up from where it's been germinating. Fear departs. You are..... THERE

Ready to:

-make a decision

- take action

- embrace

-let go

-move forward

-stay still

-begin again

-pick up where you left off.....

When have you experienced I'm There moments? Times you knew you were ready. It was time. The moment had arrived. And, if today you feel far from an I'm There moment - in any part of your life, hang in there. Allow healing. Forgiveness. Invite Trust. Invite Hope.

Spring is our incoming season.

Today, I experienced an I'm There Moment.

Those of you who have followed my journey of writing and publishing New Shoes perhaps understand how many thousands of hours have been spent editing and revising.

The book is complicated in layout. I designed a work-book style book! A free New Shoes App accompanies purchase of the book.

In today's editing, March 16th., I experienced a there moment...for the first time ever - that this is the final time to reread each and every word and look at each punctuation symbol. (Using FIVVR for uploading to Kindle, a couple of tweaks will be likely). Next: RECORDING NEW SHOES FOR AUDIBLE.COM USING MY OWN VOICE.

I hope you soon experience an "I'm There" moment in an area of your life!


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