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Blogging, Bubbles, and Comfort Zones.

As much as I have wanted to 'stay in my bubble', transitioning my work & services to a global platform is forcing me out of 'my comfort zone'.

Have you experienced those sneaky Fear Thoughts & Feelings upon deciding on a new course of action, a change, upon contemplating setting a higher standard goal, thinking:

What if I fail? What if I can't handle it? What if I am laughed at?

The proverbial what if's hold us bound and captive; we never take action.

For me, an admitted 'inconsistent and occasional blogger', today I ask myself:

Why have I not been writing a blog which has global outreach and helps achieve the goal of greater global outreach?

Fear!!! It presents itself in my thoughts as:

What if nobody wants to read my Blog.

What if people become annoyed with notifications from Donna.

What if people unsubscribe?

What if......

The proverbial what if's keep us stuck in comfort zones.

Are you thinking of making a change, and afraid to do so?

Are you stuck in a zone of comfort and need courage?

Are you plagued by the self-defeating question of "What If"?

What kind of bubble comfort zone have you created around yourself?

Ask yourself: Just what do I want? Is fear holding me back? What step can I take to catapult me in the direction of my aspirations, goals, and dreams?


Vaccines and Borders

For visitors and travelers to Cayman (especially folks I have met at Morritt's Tortuga) catch what our new Government & Premier had to say about a reopening plan.


BOOK UPDATE - New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery

When well-meaning friends ask why I have not finished this book, I kinda' have to smile. The hoops and jumps have been numerous. New, unexpected challenges present themselves often. New skills have had to be learned. Discouragement overcome. Discipline practiced.

Status of Book: Today, June 7th, I have finally received a revision from my overseas tech expert (have yet to open the email!!) and will begin recording for this weekend.

Pre-Order Sales will be available soon.

What is this book? It's a complete guide to healthy living and weight management (for guys and gals) using principles tried and tested here in Cayman and overseas.

'The work is organic and authentic'- as quoted by my friend Martha in London, Ontario, Canada.

New Shoes are symbolic of Moving Forward.

Hear what contributors Marc, Susan, Lorraine, Jon and Cheryl (all who are involved in the book

process) have to say by clicking this link:


As summer arrives, cooling salads are in!

It's smart to eat with the seasons.

Donna offers you her favourite Salad Dressing Recipe!


Need Help Moving Forward, Overcoming a Challenge, or Achieving a Goal?

My coaching/mentoring support, and training programs, are available to you, where-ever you are in the world, and remain at specially-reduced rates during the ongoing pandemic.

Donna Mitchell, Certified Canfield Trainer, Lifestyle Consultant and Coach, Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor, Certified Burdenko Water Conditioning Instructor, Writer, Adventurer!

Out of the comfort zone by clicking the send button!!!

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1 Comment

Tracy Candish
Tracy Candish
Jun 17, 2021

Your bravery continues to inspire me Donna! XO

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