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The Next Time You Hear From Me....

Updated: Nov 23, 2021 will receive the link to Amazon where both Kindle and hard-copy versions of my book will be available...the book is literally in the delivery room as I write!

Please consider that the book is a 'workshop in itself' with colorful illustrations and spaces to record responses to thought-provoking questions.

This makes a copy in your hand a consideration for Kindle lovers (just a suggestion).

Please spare a minute to watch my video - "why it's taken so long"...recorded with you in mind.

For Lifestyle friends and followers in the Cayman Islands, preorder/reserve your books from my incoming shipment - limited supply and in time for Christmas. A gift idea for friends, family and your valuable employees.

Final landed price is not yet available - my apologies. It will be less than $30 KYD.

A quick follow-up on November 1st post - creating new Neural Pathways. Remember my story about the bureau drawers? It's weeks later, and new neural pathways must have developed because I am opening the correct drawers.

If you missed that blog, read it here:

It takes consistent repetition to create permanent change (whether those changes are in daily habits and behaviors, or changes in the quality of your thought life). Many people give up too early, before new ways of thinking and acting become your automatic default. We give up because:

  • we don't want to make the effort - it's easier to stay where we are

  • a misguided belief that it's too late to change

  • we become impatient, not willing to invest the time

  • or, perhaps, like I once did, you become disappointed with yourself - thinking you should have been further along (doing better) by now

What is really Life Changing is the knowledge that you can control your mind - and your brain creates new neural pathways - impacting every aspect of your life. I will be offering a

Pain Management Yoga and Mindfulness Virtual Course in January, 2022

Repeat: I Am in Control of My Mind.

My Thoughts are in My Hands!

A warm Shout - Out and hello to friends and blog followers from Morritts Tortuga. The island is doing it's best to reset and restart. Hope to see you here again really soon.

Best Regards, Donna

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