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When Is the Right Time?

It's July, a time when we have so many more opportunities to slim down and become healthier. The weather is warmer allowing for more outdoor time and activities. (Think snow-stormS and hot chocolate!).

With summer heat, we are drawn more to fresh salads and fruits along with the BBQ vs steamy bowls of stew or hot oatmeal (warming foods for winter). Yet, statistics indicate that persons let the summer slip by and generally wait till September to get re-serious about taking charge of weight issues.

Is this because September is when "School is In"...with a more structured schedule?

Continuing to 'Wait Till the Right Time" may be counterproductive if 'The Right Time' never arrives.

It's July 7th, 2020 (yes, what a year so far) and I sit here pondering 'WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME" for publishing my lifelong work - a weight management book called New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery.

You will not find a diet in the book. Nor a recipe. I love what you will find!

The book is the result of thousands of hours of work plus tried and proven techniques for my weight-loss program here in the Cayman Islands and globally.

When is the right time for you to refocus on weight loss? This summer? September 2020? Are you waiting till January 2021?

For me, SEPTEMBER 2020 it is.

"New Shoes, A Journey of Self-Discovery" will be publishing on Kindle Direct for sale on Amazon. This Transformational-Change Weight-Loss book comes with a free downloadable APP.

Make a decision for when is 'The Right Time" for you.

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