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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons...When Life Throws Another Curve Ball....

Alert from the beautiful Cayman Islands where the impact of the huge sargassum bloom (have you not heard of it?) is upon our shores. We are all praying that it continues its migration and soon will be far from our beloved island. No doubt, tourists and locals alike will be disgruntled.

As for me, water fitness in the sea is a big part of my wellness business (and income!).

So, about that lemonade? Rather than my old reactions of worry, frustration, and anxiety when events affect business (and my daily bread), I have only peace and acceptance, and a big thankful YES to wonderful ladies in the classes who are offering their private pools so we can all continue to benefit from The Burdenko Method of Water Therapy.

Developing skills to change your responses to events in life is a Success Principle

(E + R = O)

that will promote health and well-being as well as reduce the stress response. A two-session coaching package (or Corporate Lunch Learn) teaches the tools to manage life and to Make Lemonade Out of Lemons.

The (Jack Canfield) Success Principles are life-changing, transformational, and effective. I am one of his Certified Trainers. Read More Here.

My Greatest Fear: A Row of Empty Seats. What's Yours?

Research shows that Speaking in Public ranks as the highest fear people have, even higher than death, for many.

So, imagine you in my shoes.

A book signing/presentation about the ins and outs of writing and self-publishing (to help others (you) avoid the pitfalls and nonessential expenses that I encountered).

It's not the talk that makes me nervous (I have been giving public presentations since my 20's) it's a row of empty seats!!

So, if you are on island, and fancy a walk around Camana Bay this coming Friday night, stop by and fill one of those empty chairs. Bring a friend.

P.S. I can Coach You in Effective Public Speaking.

Let's Talk About That. Please Email:

Want to develop a healthier lifestyle? Slide on New Shoes or Coach with Donna.

Getting Ready for Podcasts...I'm Not There Yet!

If you've never listened in to my community-minded, weekly radio show, see the link below for a replay. It's available for replay listening until Tuesday, April 25th.

Weekly replays are posted in my Private Facebook Group.

Join here: Fresh Start

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Donna

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